Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mrs. Murphy's Rough Guide

Mrs. Murphy, as we can all see, is ready for just about anything - including, but not only, a tour of the Pacific.

That's quite a bathing suit you have got there, Mrs. M. That will come in handy when they are doing a head count of the tour group. You will be impossible to miss.

I remember women of A Certain Age wearing this sort of thing on the beach back then (this advertisement came out in 1968). But the one-piece kind. Mrs. Murphy has gone for the bikini this time. She is a wild and crazy gal!

And she does not appear to have packed anything else. Is she planning to wear that to all the other tour events? Let me see, they say that she will be a "beach belle" all over the Pacific and she will "have the time of her giddy life."

OK. Now we're talking. I want to know all about this giddy life Mrs. Murphy has been leading! I mean, not even the most exciting BOAC tour could stack up against what she's probably been up to.

I also want to know what Mr. Murphy thinks about it all. Let's ask him! I think he's stowed away in that ginormous purse.

I am sure that this is the Mrs. Murphy whose chowder ended up with men's overalls in it. This is a lady who knows her way around a large pair of pants, after all!*

*There is, believe it or not, another song about Mrs. Murphy's chowder, see here. That must be some recipe.


Bill said...

I hope that isn't her beach hat. It looks like it was spun from pocket lint.

Amy said...

O M G! That swimsuit would really be MDAL (mutton dressed as lamb) and she'd look like a squished sausage. You wouldn't catch me in anything like that.

Chat Blanc said...

is that really a woman in the photo?? I have my doubts! ;)

Celestial Charms said...

Having worked for British Airways for 13 years of my life (which was originally BOAC) I must say they have always had the best TV and print ads in the airline industry. I'm not biased on that one! And Mrs. Murphy's Chowder song is very cute.

Shay said...

The companion piece to "Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?" has to be that other delightful Irish ditty "The Raffling of the Stove."

Kat said...

I threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder.

Ain't I a stinker?