Monday, October 20, 2008

Never Been Soup Before

Wow, man. Far out. It's like a Zen koan for soup! It's powdered, and yet - and yet it must be fresh. It is fresh has never been soup before! It has not yet achieved soup-consciousness.

Look deeply into the bowl of newly-born soup. See how green it is! The green of new things. The green of spring. The green of artificial, very salty, powdered, chicken-flavored chemicals.

It is fresh though. It is. And it exists in the right-now. Not only that, but it's nice soup. Never hurt anyone (not yet, anyway - we'll see what happens after dinner).

You have to go outdoors to eat it though. And wearing overalls helps. And if you can make friends with a large burlap thing, that also digs soup - that's all good too.

Be one with the soup. Make some analogies that connect you with the soup...Oh, like how you have never been friends with burlap before. Maybe the burlap is powdered. Or you are. Or something is, anyway.

The burlap thing scares me a little. What does it want with Lipton soup? Kids like Lipton's. That's not a kid though. Is it? Am I seeing things? Maybe I had too much soup!

That's it, I've had it. I'm switching to sandwiches from now on.

Advertisement from 1968.


Stanley! said...

This is a very befuddling ad.

If the burlap thing is not powdered, are the kids powdered? If the kids are not powdered, is the burlap thing there to trap kids and turn them into powder? Do the kids love the burlap thing as much as they love the soup?

The questions! They are too much!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm sorry. I don't do green soup. I don't care how fresh it is.

Bill said...

I think the burlap things are poorly constructed hats. We are treated to an obscured view of street hippies with their heads bent over their delicious bowls of fresh powdered soup.

The weather here has turned chilly, so I've been thinking all day of making some homemade vegetable soup...until I saw this ad. Maybe I'll just have peanut butter & crackers.

Kristie said...

Yuck! That soup looks absolutely awful! Bad advert for Lipton's. They did the right thing by bringing Clifford the Big Red Dog in to hawk their Lipton's soup. My kids love it! (I'm sure cause Clifford is on the box)

Cari Hislop said...

That is such an awful photo. I can only conclude that the person responsible for choosing it was losing their sight, but didn't want to lose their job. That thing on the left looks like a head wrapped in burlap. Fresh of course; picked today! That's what happens when people don't finish the delicious dried soup that's never been made...

This whole ad is an oxymoron!