Monday, October 6, 2008

Princess Wendy of Monaco

Thank you, I would love to spend this season in Monaco!

First of all, it is so handy for the Riviera. And the dining and shopping are quite good, I hear. I hope that you have booked us a nice villa with a view of the sea, your Wendyness!

Perhaps we can take the yacht out, too. If you see Prince Albert, do invite him for tea. And no jokes about letting him out of the can, if you please.

Oh...oh, I see. Monaco is a fluffy yarn. Spending the season there means - spending the season in a thick sweater.

But I spend most seasons in a thick sweater, my dear! This is Canada, you know. You say that I will "spend the winter in style" - in a sweater.

How about we take the sweaters and then go to the real Monaco?

I'll bet we will not even need them, there. It will not be frosty and cold. It will be lovely and invigorating! Boy, I'll bet they have good spas there, too. Book me in for a day's worth, won't you - hot stones, facials, whatever's on offer. The works!

Let's all go! Wendy has invited us all! Just bring some of her yarn, that's all she's asking.


Queenly Things said...

How 'bout we have the silver Rolls and Cary Grant? Yes, please!!!

Tori Lennox said...

I'd rather go to Monaco, too. The French Riviera will be lovely by the time those Monaco sweaters are needed elsewhere.

~~louise~~ said...

Can I have my very own Prince?

Lux said...

Okay, I'm ready - let's go! :)