Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Starter House

Oh, I'll say there's nothing like it!

"Even after your house is built, home planning goes on forever," the ad says. Just think of all the planning they will have to do to get the Westinghouse in. And all the other 1950s mod cons.

Do they really think they'll be able to fit all the furniture in there?

Or perhaps they are playing with a doll house, which is equally startling. I can't begin to speculate on what that might mean - oh well, I can, but it is pretty early in the morning.

How exactly drinking beer helps with house-building, I cannot see. But maybe if you drink enough Budweiser, the house looks plenty big, honey! Sure, we'll be real happy with all that extra space!

That guy is just so proud of himself, you can tell. It probably took him three hours to pick out a cravat that was the exact color of his beer.

Advertisement from the back cover of a 1950 copy of Outdoor Life. Which is just what I predict for these two if they don't wise up to the fact that they are going to need more room.


Chat Blanc said...

Okay, they must live on another planet, cuz here on earth Budweiser isn't sold like a premium "classy" pour it in a nice pilsner glass beer! :P

Mik said...

Here via Entrecard, some cool adverts, I have an old Time magazine somewhere with similar ads in, have to hunt it down.

Athena said...

Haha! How bizarre!

Melanie said...

In my world Bud is not served in a pilsner glass. It is chugged straight from the bottle. Bottle after bottle. And it does numb one to the fact that one's house is too small. In fact after several bottles of Budweiser one happy hour last week, I came home completely immune to the fact that our house is far too small and desperately in need of a remodel.
I've never seen people dressed quite like that drinking Bud!

Bill said...

It was sweet him to match his cravat to her hair, too. Tim Gunn would approve.

I wonder how many beers these two have imbibed? They seem blissfully unaware that their dream home lacks a bedroom. Or maybe that's a tiny bedroom with bunkbeds, and they are missing a bathroom. They'll just rent a port-a-john.