Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sunday Edition: Thanks, An Award, And Some Memes

Dad appreciates the thanks, but he would prefer not to be choked from behind. He looks like a shopworn Jimmy Stewart. But the rest of the gang looks mighty pleased.

(And now here comes the really smooth transition!)

And I have some thanks to dish up, too - for an award and two memes, which have made me as pleased as the gals in the ad. I promise not to choke anyone or anything, though! Instead, I'll do the memes - in just a minute.

But first, thank you so much, to Chica & Pumuckl for this award:
The memes are from Jennifer at Extreme House Wifeing and Amy at I Love Retro Things. Jennifer's is to tell 7 random facts about yourself and Amy's is to tell 6 unique things about yourself. Hmmm, this should be challenging. But I will try. I hope I have not dined out, as it were, on any of this amazing trivia before! Here we go:

7 Random Facts

1. I went to high school on two floors of a NYC office building until grade 9 and from grades 9-12 in an old Armory building.
2. I can say the "Peter Piper" tongue twister very fast and perfectly but that is the only one I can do. And I don't know why I can, either.
3. I'm left-handed.
4. One of my ancestors was a Dutch pirate.
5. I really love old maps, but hate giving directions from maps in the car.
6. I am not all that crazy about cars in general, either.
7. I love chocolate mints. Dutch mints especially (no relation to #4).

6 Unique Things

1. I really, really like popular Victorian novels (even the not-so-good ones that most people don't like).
2. I've kept a journal since I was 12.
3. I would love to write and publish a mystery novel.
4. Running is the only sport I have ever really liked. Oh, and badminton, sometimes. Not always.
5. I have a lot of weird food sensitivities and allergies.
6. I don't really like a - what shall I call it, a purse, a pockabook (New York talk!), a bag - a bag, OK, a bag, unless it has a LOT of pockets, inside and out. There must be many pockets!

Feel free to do the memes, too, if you like.

Thank you Ana, Jennifer and Amy, once again!

Oh, and finally? Thanks to Duke University Digital Collections for the terrific ad.


Amy said...

oooh you piratess you! We've found out too that one of my ancestors was a spanish pirate by the name of Vincente de Silva, not well known from what I've researched but not a very nice man either from what my mother's told me. Thanks for doing the meme :-)

Chat Blanc said...

Super cool personal tidbits! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Jayne said...

Glad to see the Dutch chocolate mints aren't one of your food intolerances ! ;)

Queenly Things said...

I would love to write a mystery novel, too. I am always murdering people who piss me off. In my head, of course. I have often thought it an apt revenge to put them as the victim in one of my novels.
I would love to be on the list of first readers of yours.