Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Whiter Shade Of Jacket

This is an ad that is really trying very hard. Heller's Menswear is digging down deep to think of nice things to say about the tuxedos. They are - hmmm - "really white." I guess that is a good thing. As opposed to "white, but sort of dingy." Or, "they used to be white, but are a bit yellowed - you know, like old book pages."

Also, they are brand new! That's good. But once you rent one out, it isn't brand new anymore, is it? How can it be?

Are they saying that they have never rented them out? Or that they are made of paper, like those 1960s paper dresses that you wore once and then threw away? "Featherweight" may be a clue. Paper is light.

Finally, I notice that pants aren't mentioned. It would be a good idea to include pants. Why don't they mention the pants? Where are the pants?

Another unsolved mystery from the early 1960s. We may never know.


Lea-Ann said...

I don't think one needed pants in the 60s! Part of the "free love" movement! Ha!

Tori Lennox said...

Well, it DOES say "make your wedding a memorable one". I think a wedding where the men didn't wear pants would be pretty darn memorable!

Amy said...

Strange...maybe they got rid of them once they were worn and bought new ones in.

Bill said...

I'm just relieved that they take reservations in advance.

Whenever I make reservations in arrears, things get all balled up.