Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Wonderful New-Shape Box

What a fiendishly clever plan!

After you go out and buy your Modess, wrap them up like a birthday present. You may want to buy some special polka-dot paper for this purpose.

Oh, and don't forget the twine, either. Make a nice knot when you tie it up. The idea is to make it so difficult to get at that - here's the clever bit - no one will know what you have inside the little box.

Because people know that you usually carry little wrapped boxes of note paper, and candy, and bath salts, and Kleenex, around with you - that's just a normal day for you, isn't it?

And keep holding the box up high like that - that way no one will even see the box. So they won't think, hmm - Arlene's sure got a thing for carrying wrapped boxes around, doesn't she? And she never tells anyone what's in them!

And there's a different-colored box every day.

She shouldn't really worry about hiding those Modess thingies, you know. Because after a few weeks of this, I think people are afraid to ask what's in the box.

Image, dated 1949, from Duke University Digital Collections: Ad Access.


Daisy said...

Well, it was probably better than the crummy old-shape box!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Yes! I want to know what the box was shaped like before! I mean... how many different shapes of boxes are there? Whatever the shape was, apparently even wrapping it didn't disguise what was in the box? Definitely a puzzler!

Mountain Woman said...

You are bringing back memories of the old days which I had more or less forgotten. What a different time it was. That was lots of fun.

looking4ancestors said...

And to go along with the different coloured box every day, it's apparent you will need to wear a different coloured pair of gloves everyday while you carry your Modess.

Amy said...

So...if you wanted to use the modess etc you'd have to get through a huge load of wrap first?

Kirsten said...

Genius!! And to think I've been doing it wrong all these years!

Bill said...

Yes, by all means, make the packaging as beguiling as possible. That way, when your toddlers find them, they'll be sure to open the box and decorate the house with the contents.

(this just happened to a woman I know)