Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conehead of Pine

"Freshens as it cleans!"

It does have one teeny drawback, though.

It also turns you into a giant animated pinecone...A pinecone stuck on top of a jellyfish in an apron. Just what the modern housewife aspired to in the 1940s!

And if it is "easy on your hands" why have her hands and indeed entire arms turned into ribbons?

It also implies that you are cleaning up that sink with the essence of some of your little pinecone friends. That is like those fried-chicken fast food places whose mascot is a happy chicken. Happy about what, I'd like to know!

Finally (and I think we've all had about enough by now), that really ought to be "fragrant with pine."

OK, I'm done now.


~~louise~~ said...

What? No toilet bowl????

Frogs in my formula said...

Old ads are hilarious. My dad gave me some 1936 Life mags and I have them hanging, framed, in my kitchen.

Lux said...

LOL, that looks just like my mom when she's cleaning! ;-)

Kirsten said...

LOL! That's exactly why I don't clean!

Starcasm said...

When you're a pine cone, you can't smell all those nasty odors.

Bill said...

That's a cute ad, but I will never understand why the 'fragrant of pine' is considered a clean smell for the home. It makes me think of public bathrooms.

GoRetroGirl said...

It looks like some sports team's very bad mascot.