Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Fish Out Of Water

"An air castle for waft you with incredible softness and delight..."

Twinkle, twinkle, Mary Rose
In your swell designer clothes
Dressed as if it's Easter Sunday
Or if you're going on the runway
In some fancy fashion show.
Surely you already know
That an airplane's full of hassle
Heaven knows it's not a castle!
You're stuffed into that ersatz throne
Like ice cream in an ice cream cone
And there is little of repose
In camera-ready, fancy clothes.
In makeup and that New Look coat
Did you come by fishing boat?
Why would a model drape around her
The accoutrements of flounder?
How else can one explain the net
You must have lost a fashion bet;
Still, netting makes a lot of sense
When you fish for compliments.

Advertisement from 1946, from Duke University Ad Access.


~~louise~~ said...

How in heaven's name do you come up with this stuff. Another much needed chuckle, thanks:)

Chat Blanc said...

I love your ode to Mary Rose! :D

Michelle gartner said...

Oh very good- bravo!

On a similar note- I heard they got the term "when pigs fly" from watching the Duchess of Pork flying about in a helicopter.

Opps did I say that- I like Fergie (that would be the Fergie who does not sing and pee her pants in concert).

Lidian said...

Louise - Sheer desperation, really! Also I have always liked writing parodies...

Chat Blanc - Thanks! :)

Michelle - LOL! I like her too, the non-singing one, that is.

Kristie said...

Dang! You are SO good! That ode flows so perfectly with the tune to the song. Didn't skip a beat and ended perfectly.

Bill said...

Very clever verse, ma'am.

VintageGent said...

I don't think I want anyone wafting me with incredible softness. At least not outside a committed relationship or maybe never.

Lidian said...

Kristie - Thanks! I have always liked writing funny poems.

Bill - Thank you, sir!

Vintagegent - No, it does sound like something you don't want a plane to do to you.

GoRetroGirl said...

LOL - that was too funny!