Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lye Detector

"I hate to clean toilets!"

Don't we all, lady, don't we all. So there's no need to shout in cartoon capitals.

She may have cleaned one toilet too many though. She seems to be addressing the bathtub. Who else would be in there with her and the can of Gillett's?

Listen lady, the bathtub can't help you no matter how much you shout. It's inanimate. Also bolted down. It's not going to jump up and wrestle the brush out of your hand and say, oh let me do it, you go play canasta.

Maybe she's talking to the can of Gillett's Lye. Must be. The ad says it is a job for Gillett's. Be careful though, lady, lye is strong stuff. It is a corrosive form of sodium hydroxide. There's your bit of science for the day. You can find science everywhere - even in the bathroom. It's inspiring, isn't it?

(No...I guess it isn't. Stop shouting, lady. We all heard you the first time.)

Anyhow, in Wikipedia they note that you need to be in a well-ventilated place and wear a face mask when you use it. It is dangerous to lye. The ad never mentions that!

Lye is also used to cure foods like lutefisk and green olives. But I don't think you can use Gillett's to do this. And I don' t think you ought to shake the can. Just like you shouldn't shake a Coke bottle. Actually you can use Coke to clean toilets, that might be a little safer. And then you could baste a ham with the leftover Coke. Just save the green olives and lutefisk for another day.

Too bad this isn't a Coca Cola ad.

"Shake in full-strength...flush...the job's done!"

Well, not quite. I think you might have to pour the lye in. You can't, say, stand on the other side of the room, shaking the can, singing a happy tune (or in this case, shouting at the bathtub) and then expect to see a clean toilet. Can you?

No product could be that good.

Though I do not see that lady pouring in the lye in the second picture - it is pouring itself in. And look how big the can is relative to the toilet. How much is it planning to be pour in there?

That lady must have left the house and gone to play canasta. I hope she didn't forget her face mask for later.

Holiday Endnote: Apparently - and I promise I did not know this before writing this - it is actually World Toilet Day. I can't imagine why, but apparently it is. You can read about it here courtesy of the London Times.


People Who Love Lutefisk said...

Bonus points awarded for mentioning lutefisk!

Athena said...

Lye? Oh man, the things they did in the 50's.

Bill said...

When they go on & on about how effortlessly Gillett's cleans the toilet, I think they lye.

Pour & flush with no elbow grease? Yeah, right...

Daisy said...

It cleans "incrustations"? Yuck!

Tori Lennox said...

I was thinking maybe somebody was IN the tub while she was cleaning the toilet.

Or maybe she was addressing the lutefisk she prepares in the tub? (Not that I have any idea how one actually prepares lutefisk....)

Frogs in my formula said...

Are you lye-ing about not knowing it was World Toilet Day? (I couldn't help myself--sorry, I know that was lame.)

Amy said...

wow it's world toilet day? gosh they think of stranger things all the time! Next thing you know it'll be world poop day or something just as silly.


I love these old ads and I never knew there was a toilet day!

Lidian said...

Lutefisk People - Thank you. I guess a quote from Garrison Keillor would have been good too, maybe another time.

Athena - Oh, ain't that the truth! :)

Bill - I don't want to think about elbow grease and toilets in conjunction, somehow.

Daisy - Yes, indeed.

Tori - Oh I never thought about her addressing the lutefisk - ewww!

Frogs - LOL! No, really, check the London Times link, that's what they say. And have anecdotes from their newspaper archive too (what a fun research job that must have been)

Amy - I was amazed too, I don't know who thinks of these things, and who else goes: yeah, that is a good idea.

Heidi - I do love old ads too, they are so absurdly funny, most of them!

Lux said...

There's such a thing as "World Toilet Day?" Hmm ... I'm glad I missed it! ;-)

Maria said...

What an amazing coincidence! World Toilet Day! Really, there should be such a day. There are days to honor secretaries, postal workers, grandparents. Toilets deserve equal recognition.. at least!

Lidian said...

Lux - It was probably best ignored, really! :)

Maria - Yes, I guess that was the thinking behind it!