Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mysterious Wig

Dear Paula Young:

I'll bet I did know that you are wearing a wig because:

(1) it looks kind of...wiggy, and

(2) you just said you were wearing a wig.

It was not all that difficult to figure out.

And I think that Eva Gabor will also notice that you have absconded with one of her wigs. I'll bet she counts them, too. If she reads Woman's Day magazine then she definitely knows that you have a whole passel of her wigs and are selling them off.


Michelle Gartner said...

Well I for one am shocked - I did not know Eva Gabor wore wigs... ok yes I did know, but I am still shocked.

"Green acres is the place for me..."

hmmmm I have to hurt you now for putting this song in my head.

Needless To Say said...

I'm curious as to how many styles and colors Eva's wigs were available in -- all of them sounds like a lot!

Amy said...

oooh Eva gabor's gonna call the cops on her wig!

Tori Lennox said...

How do we know they're all Eva's wigs, anyway? Some of them could belong to Zsa Zsa.

pamibe said...

That's hilarious!

AngieSS said...

I love how they always try to pass wigs off as "comfortable". Have you ever tried to wear a wig? They are anything BUT comfortable! And seriously, I didn't know that Eva wore a wig, much less that someone had taken them all. ;)

Judy said...

I have two of Paula Young (aka Eva Gabor) wigs which I have never worn. Actually thought I might go bald some day and I would be "covered", so to speak. Please don't tell Eva, I not only don't want to give them up, we just moved here and I'm not sure just which box they're in.

Lidian said...

Michelle - Sorry about the Green Acres song! I think I have it in my head too, now that you mention it - so consider me properly punished! :)

Needless To Say - I think I have another wig ad somewhere with a whole bunch of weird ones, oh yeah, in a 70s almanac, maybe I'll post that one soon.

Amy - Yeah, she won't be pleased!

Tori - That will be fun, a wig fight!

Pamibe - It is funny, and what's even funnier is I think I remember this ad (I was 23!)

Angiess - I never have worn a wig but hats make me uneasy so I can just imagine!

Judy - Eva will never, ever know, I promise.

Bill said...

Several years ago, when Cher was in town on tour, there was a great hullabaloo because one of her wigs went missing.
Turns out some local drag queen snuck into her dressing room and took it.

I wonder if that ever happened to Eva?

Jude said...

First of all I love your blog and try to hit it with all 3 of mine. I love retro of course because I'm older, baby boomer oldish 55 and I adore everything you have on your site, good job!

loosecannon said...

I wore one this wigs last night and told my lover to call me Arnold the Pig while humming the theme to Green Acres. Is that wrong?

Lidian said...

Bill - There is a Mr. Bean episode where he takes one of Danny LaRue's outfits and wigs, have you seen it?

Jude - Thank you!

Loose Cannon - Oh dear, that's no good!