Friday, November 28, 2008

The Mystery of the Magic Nail Polish

Look, look! The Cutex is in a spillproof bottle. It did not spill out, when the lady was playing Nail Polish Dominoes.

But let's look into this a little bit more. Soon a new theory will emerge. Leaving the bottle tops off and playing games with your makeup may cause it to dry up. And then it will be - spillproof!

Next mystery: how to paint your nails with solidified Cutex.

Solution: go buy some more!

Now that's a clever ad.


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Oh my gosh. I think I remember having that kind of nail polish, as a kid. How old are these ads?!? :-O

Lidian said...

Mrs M - This one is from the 1950s, but I remember Cutex very well and I was born in '62. I think I began noticing nail polish in the late 60s (about the time of the moon landing, though not related to it)

Bill said...

What are you doing this weekend? I can cancel a few plans if you want to get together and tip over some Cutex bottles. That sounds like a blast, huh?

Amy said...

yes and look at the way they spelled "spilpruf"

Lidian said...

Bill - Well, it's not a holiday up here in Canada, so I'm game for some Cutex Dominoes, sure! Do they still sell this stuff?

Amy - Maybe it is also Spellproof.