Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Prefect Voice

At the Prefect Voice Institute, they want to help your voice win success!

Written language is not their specialty, though. Their spelling skills are far from prefect, in fact.

But as far as the POWER of your speaking voice - they "may" be able to help you out "in the privacy of your home" with "mostly silent" lessons. That must be some amazing technique - voice training without actually using your voice!

Maybe you just think about cajoling people over the phone. Imagine yourself selling them many expensive booklets about things like - oh, say - voice training.

School prefects do have to yell a lot, I believe, so this might not be the Voice Institute for them after all. You can't just imagine the POWER of telling people to "get in line, you knuckleheads!" It just doesn't work that way.

I wonder what else you have to do in these lessons besides think powerful vocal thoughts because (a) they come in a plain wrapper and (b) you have to tell the Prefect Voice Institute your age. Hmmm. What exactly is in that booklet, Eugene?

Best of all, "no salesman will bother you." Well, unless they call you up to get you to buy more voice lessons. Or maybe they sit in the office with the receiver up to their ear and just think about it.


Needless To Say said...

I love that you must state your age. Eugene must really care about those child labor laws!

Judy said...

LOL...I read your title and I thought, "AHA, I GOT her! She spelled perfect wrong!" Drat...but it WAS a funny post. Thanks, again, for making me laugh!

Mags said...

Maybe you can use the training to offer people a massive yacht? (you tube link)

Lidian said...

needless To Say - Yes, Eugene had a hidden agenda I think.

Judy - I do leave typos around sometimes, I'm afraid, so I'm glad ou are looking out for me! :)

Mags - Oh, my that link is SO funny! Thank you - it's perfect. Or rather, prefect! :)

Queenly Things said...

I do not want to think about Prefects and age of consent/ mail that needs privacy. There were some prefects (are some still, no doubt) who were far from perfect and the plain brown wrapper just conjures up thoughts of naughtiness. No, no, no.