Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Secret Life Of Smokey The Bear

True magazine Dec 1965 ads Smoky Bear lighter

Somehow I don't think that Smokey the Bear actually HAS a lighter. I mean, he's against forest fires, right? So what's he doing with a cigarette lighter?

Furthermore, what's with the cigarette? Smokey?

I'd like to hear what his spokesbear has to say about this little ad.

Advertisement from True magazine, 1965. Guess it must be true, then!


GumbyTheCat said...

Didn't you know?

Without forest fires, good ol' Smokey would be out of a job.

Hence, the lighter.

Michelle Gartner said...

Everyone knows Smokey used to light up- so did Fred & Barney

Smoking is cool and doctors recommend it!

Michelle Gartner said...

Fred & Barney smoking Winstons.

It cut off my link- so here it is in html.

Amy said...

hmm I wonder what smokey the bear smells like when he's accidentally lit himself?

Catherine said...

Classic case of putting something that everyone likes on other things.

I'm sure around that time Smokey the bear was on everything.

Bill said...

I remember Smokey the Bear commercials! I loved Smokey when I was a kid.

Winston cigarettes pulled their sponsorship from The Flintstones when Wilma got pregnant. It was okay to get lung cancer, but not to get pregnant.

eve cleveland said...

Oh, how I loved Smokey! I had a big sticker of him on my mirror in my room. Where did he go? Anyhoo, this lighter will make great stockin' stuffers for the kids, thanks for the tip.

Lidian said...

Gumby - Of course, what was I thinking?

Michelle - Yes, in the 60s everyone smoked..thanks for the link!

Amy - He won't light himself, he has that cool lighter!

Catherine - Yeah, i think he was on a lot of stuff. And was he ever on TV a lot, I remember that bear.

Bill - Yeah, those commercials left their mark all right. I didn't know that about Wilma. I watched the Flintstones when I could, but it wasn't often...

Eve - Yes, this is one for the Christmas list all right! There will be more cool gift ideas next month. I'm looking forward to the potato one in particular (stay tuned!)