Friday, November 7, 2008

Yeast Of Eden

"Why Mary! I didn't mean a thing by it!"

Oh sure. That's what they all say! Of course he did.

What in the world did Hair-Oil Harry say to her? Maybe he was reminding her to eat some yeast. Or telling her she forgot to add yeast to the bread. Maybe the bread dropped on her toe and broke it, who knows?

See the teeny box down at the bottom? That would be a Fleischmann's yeast box - remember that!

He probably thinks its a bad case of PMS. That's the first thing he tends to think of.

But guess what? It isn't that time of the month at all. She's just generally run-down. And perhaps, just perhaps, listening to Harry has been a contributing factor.

He does look a little tiresome. He's probably been making tactless remarks about her dress sense and her newly marcelled hair. Never mind the bread.

But there's more to it than that. This is a Thirties ad, there always more to it in these ads! "Something happens to your sense of humor when you're tired all the time." Tell me about it, Mary! It packs its overnight case and goes home to Mother, is what it does, doesn't it?

But not to worry. There's an easy way to fix this interpersonal problem!

Mary, you just need to chow down on a little more Fleischmann's Yeast, that's all. Three cakes a day ought to do it, apparently.

I'll bet you're kicking yourself for not thinking of that right away! Or perhaps that's Harry you're kicking. Mind your toe (and the gravity-stricken bread) when you do.

[If you want to see this not-so-crisply scanned ad a little bit bigger, go here. Oh, and for another wonderfully loopy 1930s Fleischmann's ad, come right this way. This one also has fun medical diagrams, plus a giant doctor and a cartoon strip!]


Slapinions said...

GREAT title, funny post!

Bill said...

I think this is Virginia Cunningham, just a day or two before she was thrown in The Snake Pit.

Needless To Say said...

I am heading to a store as soon as possible -- anything that corrects run-down condition is worth it, so I guess I'll be having a yeast feast.

Tori Lennox said...

I've been feeling a bit run down too. Maybe I should go rummage in the pantry and find some Fleischman's yeast....

Anonymous said...

Since yeast needs body temperature liquid to activate, what would eating three cakes of it do to your stomach which is full of body temperature liquid. Blech!

Amy said...

Maybe she just doesn't like his oily hair - eeewww

Frogs in my formula said...

I love the line "And perhaps, just perhaps, listening to Harry has been a contributing factor."

Carol said...

I think I got a yeast infection just reading that post. LOL

Daisy said...

Wow! I hope I never get into a run-down condition. I would not like to have hurt feelings.

~~louise~~ said...

Great yeast alive, Energized!

Lidian said...

Slapinions - Thanks! :)

Bill - Yes, she looks right on the edge of something, all right.

Needless To Say - Yum, a yeast feast. I like my yeast in the form of buttered toast, actually.

Tori - Why do I never think of yeast at 4 pm when the caffeine levels start dropping?

Anonymous - It sounds like it would certainly liven things up internally, just not in a good way!

Amy - I don't like his hair either and it would upset me too! :)

Frogs I.M.F. - He just looks so...irritatingly soothing, doesn't he?

Carol - Oh dear!

Daisy - Yes, I agree. And so I will stick to lovely coffee and tea.

Louise - Indeed! And it is amazing just how many products back then were designed to perk people up. Goodness, the ad people must have thought everyone not bouncing around like a pogo stick needed a pill. Or - well - yeast.