Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dark Side Of the Spoon

One side of this woman's face is pep-free. Dr. Chase thinks it's just a matter of unimproved blood and weariness...but anyone who's up on their horror movies knows better. This woman puts the noir in film noir!

The happy side is careless, which will not end well. It has neglected to inform the dark half about this chance they have to win Lots Of Cash.

That might work wonders. It would make me light up all right.

The Dark Side will want to know what the Happy Side is planning to do with all that money. Is she intending to run off to Brazil? Move to Paris and start buying up lots of jewelry? Will she try and make it as a plucky chorus girl who can really, really sing, on Broadway?

She won't be escaping the Dark Side so easily though. She may think it is gone. She may spoon down a boxful of Nerve Food every day, and for awhile everything is fine. She becomes the understudy to the Big Star. Who of course gets bronchitis on opening night. And then just as she's getting ready to go on - what should she see in the dressing room mirror?

The shadow that no amount of pancake makeup can quite disguise....


Bill said...


I wonder what the dark side will do if it gets its hands on the money?

Bee said...

ooh! Freaky! The nerve food is in cigarette packaging. Coincidence?

Amy said...

gosh she sounds like mrs jekyll and mrs hyde...there's ya dark side.

Kris said...


That's all I can say. You just get better each day with this stuff!

I really think you could publish a book on these posts.

Crystal Raen said...

I'm all with Kris, you could totally make a book of these :-) Another awesome read as always!

Lidian said...

Bill - We'll have to come up with a movie treatment for that!

Bee - I didn't even notice that! Maybe she is smoking this stuff?! That really IS freaky. Let's put it in the movie!

Amy - Exactly, that's what she is...

Kris - Aw, thanks! :) I would really love to do that, too.

Crystal Raen - Thank you so much! Having you all for readers makes it SO much fun, it really does. :)