Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Phantom Raisin Seeder Of Old Philadelphia Town

Welcome to the second installment of the meme from yesterday, courtesy of Preston at Me and the Blue Skies.

Here are three places: one where I have lived, one I went to on vacation and one I want to go and visit right now (hint: it isn't the post office, the mall or the subway!).

The first place is Philadelphia. So here is the Philadelphia Raisin Seeder - for all your raisin-seeding needs. It was patented in 1897, here's the link if you must know more. And you would not believe how many other patents there are for raisin seeders in the 1890s! I think I may have stumbled on some strange socio-culinary issue here. Future post on the history blog, perhaps.

I lived near here, a long time ago, quite near. Near Philadelphia, that is. Not the raisin seeder.

And I wasn't all that enterprising.

Next we have a place I went once on holiday. Not bath as in the bathtub, though that can be a vacation. Of sorts. No - Bath, England.

We went to a bookstore. I think. And on the way there we saw the outside of the famous Bath Baths. And there was a nice cup of tea involved at some point too (it is always, always a nice cup of tea in England). Now that's intrepid traveling. Add in a youth hostel and a camera shot of a full moon, and you've got yourself a Lonely Planet episode!

Please note in the 1930s guidebook ad, on the right, that if you do go to Bath, and have more exciting adventures than we did - you can get an actual chess piece to move things for you. Get it? Moving things around like in the game of chess. Mind you, if they move your furniture the way I play chess, you'd end up without anything to sit on.

Now finally, here's where I want to go. Nobody said it had to be in 2008. I'm going to Switzerland in 1913 for a restorative vacation. And believe me, they would know how to look after people from the future who were exhausted yet overstimulated by mall muzak and brightly lit racks of DVDs in Best Buy and being packed into the subway like a - well, like a raisin in a Philadelphia Raisin Seeder.

Now this is my kind of place!

Private Suites With Bath and Dressing Rooms. Absolute tranquility secured by double passages. Most beautiful views of lake and mountains! Most Modern Sanitary and Ventilating arrangements.

Oh good. I want to be well ventilated!

But wait...what is all this about "daily concerts by the Milan Orchestra" -? Somehow this does not fit in with the absolute tranquility.

I may have to have a word with the manager.


The Philadelphia ad is from my pals at Duke University. They don't know me, but they are my pals! The other two images are from guidebooks that were lying around here. And today's lousy-pun-in-the-title is explained over here.

And tomorrow, the final meme installment: 4 Weird Retro Jobs!


Tori Lennox said...

I wouldn't mind joining you on that trip to Switzerland even if we have to put up with the Milan Orchestra.

Which makes me wonder why the Milan Orchestra isn't playing in, y'know, Milan.

Anonymous said...

I was glad you had the explanation on the title. I had no idea, but I love the links. Since I put more than my share of links in my posts, I figure it only fair I follow yours as well. :)

Also The Wife and I lived near Philadelphia for a time too. Chester County. Glad to be out of there, but not today, with lots of snow and ice in northcentral Pa.

Jewelgirl said...

Great News!
Your blog was nominated for an award!
please follow this link to view it!!

Lidian said...

Tori - Maybe we can send them back to Milan...

Unfinshedrambler - I was pretty near Chester County. And my great grandmother's family was all from Chesco, too.

Jewelgirl - Thank you! :)

eve cleveland said...

Looks like cut offs and wife beaters won't work at these places. I'm going shopping in your closet right qiuick.Won't take but a minute, don't leave me!

Lidian said...

Eve - Come on and see what you can find! I won't leave you, and who knows what you'll find in there...I can't really see my way through all the stuff. It isn't fancy either, mostly jeans and pullovers. I plan to spend my time at the Grand Hotel in that, and if they don't like it I'm going to Milan!

And you should have seen Bath. No one fancy there any more and that's for sure! :)