Monday, December 8, 2008

A Grumpy Gal

Sue, you used to be such a lemonhead before you started in with this Nu Jol stuff. I swear, I was about ready to bean you with that skillet. Groaning all day long about the chores! Telling everyone I made you wear dresses made out of old dishrags and do the heavy cleaning...And to think it was only a case of constipation!

I certainly do feel perky! It's just that - I wish you wouldn't keep mentioning how - well,
cross - I used to be.

Cross? Why you were such a grumpy gal you made Olive Oyl look relaxed. Cross doesn't even begin to cover the way you were before we found Nu Jol at the store!

Do you suppose they mean New and Jolly, Ann? Why, I'm sure that's what that means. Cunning of them, I guess. A little over-the-top though.

A little over-the-top? Why you were over the top and halfway to Missouri with the yelling and screaming and complaining and - oh yes. By the way! We mustn't forget to talk about buying war bonds. Buy war bonds!
War bonds!

That's a good idea, changing the subject, like they do at the bottom of the ad. War bonds are very good because -

Sue, now,don't drop that plate! If I had a quarter for every plate you used to throw I'd be as fancy as the Duchess of Windsor! I'll bet she doesn't even have to
do the dishes! I'll bet she has a few fancy clothes in her fancy closet! And I'll bet she -

I'll bet she gets wrought up sometimes herself, dear...Seriously, Ann - why don't I just run and get you that Nu Jol, all right?


Bill said...

What does Sue have on her plate? I can't tell; it looks like eggs from here.

Sue should have more bran in her diet. She could direct the money she's spending on Nu Jol to the war bond effort.

I also like the implication at the bottom of the ad that you're unpatriotic if you don't keep your bowels in order.

Lidian said...

Bill - It could be eggs, for some reason I thought it was strange chicken. Don't know why. As you say, bran is obviously a better choice in this case. Actually I have a Raisin Bran ad I've been meaning to post, from the 40s. The woman in it looks mighty happy too.

I like the war bond implications too. It's quite weird.

Daughter said...

This yet again confirms my belief that 99% of vintage ads fall into the categories of "inappropriate,""too much information," and "women are stupid idiots who love baking."

and "fancy as the Duchess of Windsor" made me laugh out loud

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I think I see the subtle segue here to war bonds. What they're saying is, that our wallets have constipation, that it takes a lot of straining to squeeze the dollars out of our wallet to buy war bonds.

Amy said...

yes about the eggs, maybe she needs bran for breakfast. NuJul sounds like something you would unblock the kitchen sink with.

Lidian said...

Daughter - Oh, these old ads take the proverbial biscuit all right!

Nanny Goats - That's quite a brilliant deduction, I am sure you are right!

Amy - I wonder if it has seismotite in it? (One would hope not)

Bee said...

A nice glass of warm milk does the trick for me. But instead of making me sweet and happy, it makes me irritable.

Lidian said...

Bee - A little rum and honey in that warm milk makes it even nicer, and lessens the irritibility!