Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Moveable Yeast

It isn't just the womenfolk who need to chow down on a cake or two of delicious Fleischmann's Yeast. It's just that good for the intestines - apparently. In case you were wondering.

No, you weren't? Didn't think so. But listen up, anyway - especially any civil engineers who might be reading.

That guy in the ad is a civil engineer, it just so happens. And he feels much, much better ever since he started chomping on yeast cakes. Two or three a day. It's the on-the-go snack all right.

Now this guy gained 14 pounds in 9 weeks, so - maybe you won't want to start this health regime around the holidays. Or you could substitute something else that would make you gain 14 pounds in 9 weeks. How about some eggnog and a few gingerbread houses? In which case it would be 14 pounds in 9 days, probably.

But the eggnog and gingerbread would not be as good because the yeast, you see, is a fresh corrective food.

Now how many things that you eat can you say that about? Fresh, maybe. I mean, I hope so. As long as it doesn't sass you too much while you're trying to digest it. But truly corrective foods are a little harder to find.

Now you might be asking: just how much will the yeast be correcting me? And will it be doing this in front of other people?

Will it say: No no, that's not the right way to tell that joke! It goes: one night a rabbit, a frog and a moose walked into a bar. Not an elk. We've been through this before! How run down are you again, exactly?

It may correct you but it is NOT a purgative, nope, no way. All the rest of the civil engineers down at the - the civil engineering place, I guess - are glad to hear it.

But wait - there's more! It also inspires no "sudden violent action."

Well, not unless you insist on telling that moose joke again.


Thank you Louise for the fabulous ad! Louise writes two wonderful blogs, Months of Edible Celebrations and Come to a Kettle Drum - both well worth checking out.

And if you want to check out the rest of what looks like the Fleischmann Yeast Follies around here, here they are, but don't say I didn't warn you, intestines are involved! -

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Needless To Say said...

Correction, no violent action, and it'll make me feel better than I did fifteen years ago at the farm? Who could resist?

Laurie B. said...

I love your topics and am glad I'm "a follower!" with gratitude, Laurie B.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

That was a great post, to say the yeast! Gunnar

bee said...

Wow. You've opened my eyes. I hope to get to the stores before this story gets out and the yeast is on high demand!

Lidian said...

Needless To Say - Plus you can also make bread!

Laurie B. - Aw, thank you! :)

Gunnar and Sherry - And a great punning comment, too, thank you! LOL

Bee - Yeah, better stock up now. It may be a holiday present opportunity to rival the potatoes! ;)

Tori Lennox said...

I wonder if yeast cakes taste any better than rice cakes which I've always thought were about as appetizing as styrofoam (not that I've actually eaten styrofoam, but still...).

Sandi said...

oh my...that's so weird.

Lidian said...

Tori - Caramel rice cakes aren't bad. I don't think yeast cakes would be all that good!

Sandi - It really is weird! :)

Anonymous said...

Three cakes a day? I would think he might need to be tethered to a rock so he wouldn't float away.

Bill said...

Since this amazing multi-purpose product gets intestinal muscles to act for themselves, I guess the next testimonial will come from Constantin Stanislavski.

Lidian said...

Papercages - LOL! They should have included the rock with every purchase.

Bill - Amazing what one's innards can do, given their druthers (whatever that means) - maybe the intestines could take the drama exam, which would give the stomach a break after all that physics.