Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Curtis

This is not going to motivate anybody to watch TV. Who turns on the television so they can look at a shirt collar?

Also Lew Magram must think we're all dopes. He thinks he has to tell people to watch the TV screen. Look at the screen, folks - not the rabbit ears, not the ceiling, not the bowl of chips. The screen.

It isn't even an exciting shirt collar. I'm not sure you can even make a shirt collar that interesting, really. Even if you covered it in sequins and sparkles, it's not going to be able to carry a TV show by itself. Shirt collars don't sing or solve mysteries.

I don't know who the guy is, but I think we're supposed to know and be impressed. He is the "STAR" - although given the insecure vibe of capital letters plus quotation marks, I think he may be an imposter of some kind. He looks sneaky (well, boring too, but definitely sneaky).

Note that you can buy this cutting-edge fashion in "TV blue." Maybe it makes you glow in a dark room. Perhaps that's why they tell people to look at the screen - wear this, and your family's going to try watching "Car 54" on your torso.

I guess there was a show called "Curtis" and this was the exciting shirt worn on the show. Wow, I hope that's out on DVD!

I checked Wikipedia and TV Party for possible shows and actors. I got nothing. Anyone know about this show or the "STAR"?


Lin said...

I don't get it. I mean, it just looks like a regular shirt. What makes it "star" quality? Maybe the color points are extra pointy?!

mincognita said...

Love the tag line "....shirt maker to the stars."

I suspect the manufacturers of the Curtis collar were suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Tori Lennox said...

I think "Curtis" is just the name of the collar. I looked in my book The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows, 1946-Present and there was no show called "Curtis" listed.

And I'd like to know how they know who my favorite "STAR" is, anyway.

But I am impressed that you can get the shirt in "TV blue". Would that also be known as chambray?

Bobbie Dawn said...

i agree with Tori, I believe that the collar is called "the Curtis" and if you watched TV, you would see all of your favorite stars sporting this new popular Trend. Perhaps the collar was a new style that was not yet in fashion, and now it is quite regular looking to us. If you ask me, the height of the neck and the depth of the points are a little exaggerated, which do make this collar unique and dramatic. It is just like today when you suddenly see all of your favorite stars wearing skinny jeans, or booties. This is what heralds a new trend. We just don't order clothes from catalogs and magazines anymore, so the advertisements for fashion are totally different even though product placement is still commonplace in film and television.

Frogs in my formula said...

How could you ever discern that shirt from any other?? How silly!

Judy said...

Oh, gee...I don't know...Maybe you could "bedazzle" it...might spark some interest!

TheSnackHound said...

I think that a star wore the shirts but they couldn't arrange a celebrity endorsement so they just had to make you guess.

Amy said...

Well I've never heard of Lew Magram or the tv show he's talking about. Maybe the shirt was part of the mod fashion scene at the time?

Lidian said...

Lin - It IS a boring shirt! :)

mincognita - I think you are absolutely right. They wish they made shirts for stars!

Tori - Thanks for checking, I am not surprised. They must have made it all up!

Bobbie Dawn - Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. Still, it seems like a lot of fuss about not-much, doesn't it?

Frogs in my Formula - Another case of much ado about nothing, I think!

Judy - It would make it stand out on TV, wouldn't it? Maybe Liberace would have been interested, in that case.

TheSnackHound - Could be...I have seen a lot of celeb endorsement ads from that time though, but maybe poor old Lew couldn't get anyone to endorse his collars.

Amy - Only in Lew Magram's mind, I think.

David said...

I kinda like the shirt. Long button-down collar (I don't like the flying nun look of non-button ones) and the collar is taller so it would definitely hide the tie on the back of one's neck. And really, how exciting to have the smart two button cuff!

What bothers me is that they think we are so stupid that they must direct us to provide our initials if we want a monogram. What happens if we fail? Do we get Lew's monogram by default?

Fun post - Cheers

Lidian said...

David - I noticed the monogram insult and then failed to mention it so thank you for bringing it up! Yes, Lew does not think much of our intelligence and you are right, the default shirt must have his initials.