Friday, January 30, 2009

It's A Branderful Life

Hey, thanks for sharing.

Really, we were all wondering about the state of your - well, how things were going for you. No, that's not quite right. Let's try again. We were all just talking about how overburdened you seemed to be - laden with care, and...actually, no - we weren't talking about you at all!

We will be now, though. The boss will come through the office, maybe, scratching his head and saying, "Boy, Harold sure is happy about something! Wonder what it could be?"

Guess we know what to tell him.

And by the way, this will be just perfect for your next year's Christmas letter. You know the ones I mean. Full of accomplishments and accolades and all the cool things everyone in your family did over the year.

Well, you've officially got them all beat, and it's only the end of January.

You, sir, are in possession of the branniest, nuttiest cereal that ever found itself on the wrong side of a serving spoon.

And that's not the only nutty thing around here, either.

This breaking news was from the Windsor Star (1959).


Bill said...

Life's simple pleasures are the best.

(now, what television advertisement was that from??? All the little things that make you smile & glow...
I can hear the tune in my head...and it will probably stick there like glue. I know! I'll listen to Keely Smith. She'll blast that commercial out of my noggin.)

alwayswinner786 said...

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Happy blogging.

Lidian said...

Bill - It rings a bell but - oh dear, no idea! I am going to plead total ignorance (as I am pleading to everything IRL today, I confess)

alwayswinner786 - Thank you very much!