Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Louie Louie Miller Hat

I want to try out some new things and new features here on Kitchen Retro over the next few months - feel free to suggest things you would like to see here, too. I may do some weekly features, such as an Amazing Retro Job Opportunities, Vintage Scams, and the Anti-Feminist Ad of the Week. I'll be playing around with this and jazzing the site up as I go (that's the idea, anyway). I want to talk more about old movies, old Hollywood gossip, old comics and TV shows too. Oh, and the bad Jell-O recipes. I miss those. Maybe a weekly Bad Recipe is in order too.

Also there are other retro things I would like to talk about, much as I love magazine and newspaper ads. How about matchbooks and postcards and flyers and almanacs? Those are tons of fun, too. Bring them all on, I say!

And like I said, suggestions are welcome!

But anyway...

...On your left would be the incredible Retro Job Opportunity for this week. How would you like to learn how to make a lovely hat? You would? Well, let me introduce you to Louie Miller, who knows her way around exclusive "salable" hats - I presume that what Miss Miller means is that you will be able to get money for them.

When I first scanned the ad quickly, I thought it said "salad hats." Well, who knows, with these ads? I wouldn't put it past some of them to sell salad hats! They'd go with the candy hats over at my little museum of historical oddities.

You will be under Louie's personal direction, of course. That's what the ad says! I assume that means she will be coming to your house. She is bringing you a lot of hat-making things, too. Better make sure everything's tidy and that you are ready to start a profitable business. And make some cucumber sandwiches! Have the cocktail shaker ready, too. We don't know how long it will take to make an exclusive salad hat, you know.Over here you can see a genuine Louie Miller hat made of black velvet, with a little gold mesh scarf tied around it. I don't know if you'd be ready to do something like this right away, of course.

Shift of topic to tie in the title with the post: As I was writing this, I kept hearing the song "Louie Louie" in my head. It was almost like being back at one of those tawdry high school dances, standing in the badly-lit cafeteria, being bombarded with a crackly sound system and the odor of decades worth of bad hot dogs and teenage angst. Too much fun, in other words!

By the way, the true lyrics of "Louie Louie" (written by Richard Berry in 1955 and performed by the Kingsmen in 1963) are discussed here at one of my favorite websites, The Straight Dope. The lyrics do not have anything to do with millinery, though. But since people have been misinterpreting them for decades, you could probably work in a hat or two. Even a salad hat, come to think of it.


Shieldmaiden96 said...

My grandma always says the world was a nicer place when men and ladies wore hats. I said yeah, what with all the subcommittees on un-American activities and duck and cover drills. And polio.

Bill said...

Gloves and hats.
Hats and gloves.
We acted like hawks,
But dressed like doves.

It sounds like you have some great ideas whirling around in your head. I like them all, especially the bad recipe idea. I suggest vintage society scandals. Or poor little rich girls, like Barbara Hutton or Strapless Brenda Frazier.

mincognita said...

I can understand why you thought it read "salad hats" since the hat in the illustration does resemble a head of lettuce.

Lidian said...

Shieldmaiden96 - I actually remember when women and men wore hats out on the street, it was a total must-do. I do not like wearing hats so I probably wouldn't be begging Louie to teach me her secrets.

Bill - Yes, I like the vintage society scandals idea A LOT - I love reading about them, have read the Brenda and Barbara bios. Also vintage true crime, maybe? (I like that too)

mincognita - That is an excellent point, you are absolutely right! :)

Queenly Things said...

Well, I thought it said a "saladable hat" which brought visions of lettuce leaf veils a cute tomato arrangements on top. And I'd really like to ask someone about the hat in the picture which appears (granted to my old eyes) to me to be made of bows fashioned from hair. Could it be? I think I'd make it big in this field. I'm loving it already.

feefifoto said...

Miss Miller is a milliner. Or maybe she's a milleriner. Try to say that three times fast.

I love visiting this site. I usually don't have anything to contribute but I like reading your posts nonetheless.

Tori Lennox said...

Would a "salad hat" be what Carmen Miranda wore? Well, hers was obviously a fruit salad hat, but still.

Celestial Charms said...

Oh must do the "anti feminist" ad of the week. That alone will last for many years to come! You could even have the rest of us contribute. A carnival of anti feminist ads.

Carol @SheLives said...

Thanks for the Louie Louie lyrics!

I look horrible in hats.

Amy said...

Millinery, well there are still people about these days who make the most divine vintage hats but yeah...maybe someone like Paris Hilton could be the first to wear one of thse ones. btw love your coloursin here!

Lidian said...

Queenly Things - Yes, I think we could really make something of this...

feefifoto - Same here, I always like to visit you but am sorry I have nothing pertinent to say, I will try though! :)

Tori - Yes, of course! That is brilliant, how could I have forgotten Carmen Miranda? And here I am watching the clip of Lucy Ricardo doing her CM imitation and everything!

Celestial Charms - I totally will do it, and I don't think we'll be running out any time soon, do you? I will do it Friday, tomorrow is bad recipe day! :)

Carol - Me too, but it is so cold here I have to sometimes. And the resultant hat hair is appalling to see.

Amy - I think Paris H would go for the hat in this ad for sure! Or maybe some of those ladies at Ascot, they wear funny hats too...