Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Angry Chicken Is Worth A Thousand Laughs

See, this is why you should never smoke. It's a psychological fact: smoke too many Camels and you'll start hallucinating that a humongous chicken is driving your car. And not only driving: yelling at you, too! That is one mean chicken. Must have got out the wrong side of the coop that morning, huh?

It's "mad as a wet hen" and wearing a smart little suit. I think he's married to that chick. This might be the MCP ad of the week, actually.

And kudos also for the prize Duh Remark of the century: "pleasure helps your disposition." Oh, is that so? Thanks, I had no idea.

Now Gene Nelson down there at the bottom seems not to notice the road rage that's going on right over his head. Nor that the large pack of Camels that is about to attack him.

At least the Camels aren't hiding out in the donkey of the advertisement below (same mid-50s vintage). Because the chicken with anger management issues is going to start looking pretty good, compared to the donkey. And when they say "unique jackass," they mean the person who thought this would make a really good Christmas gift:

The cigarette ad with the big chicken is from Stanford University's terrific Not A Cough In A Carload. And the Donkey of a Thousand Laughs (I'll just bet) is from my beloved Popular Mechanics collection.


Thank you so so much to HotRocks at Hot Rocks Unique Designer Jewelry and to alwayswinner786 at Tips For Delicious and Healthy Eating, both for the Lemonade Award

Thank you also to Cen at Cen's Loft and Tricia at papercages (I didn't forget, Tricia!) for the meme about seven random things - which will be about seven random retro things, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather smoked Camels, died of lung and colon cancer.

That said, I always associated the smell of them with him. Sort of bittersweet memories if I'm ever in places (not very often) where people smoke them.

Lin said...

Yeah, so how's your disposition when the doctor informs you that you have six months to live from all that "pleasure"? Isn't it frightening what we were fed back then?!

Relax Max said...

1. You have it backwards. NOT smoking causes the chicken head to appear on your wife's shoulders. Smoking heavily makes her words fade away. (And then, presumably, you receive pleasure and your disposition improves.) Child's play. Wake up and smell the second-hand smoke, Lidian.

2. If you have never pulled a cigarette out of a donkey's ass and lit it up, don't knock it. It's hilarious.

3. I have grown to really like numbering my points in my comments to you. May I continue doing it please?

Da Old Man said...

My father smoked Camels for years, and I don't remember him being particularly of a pleasant disposition. Maybe if he was pulling them out of a donkey's butt, it may have helped.

BTW, he died from smoking related illness, too. Can't imagine his last few weeks on a ventilator brought him a heck of a lot of pleasure, either.

Lidian said...

unfinisherambler - It is incredible, the sort of ads they used to put out, promoting smoking. Horrifying, that Stanford site is.

Lin - Indeed. And everyone really did smoke back then - even in the 80s, when I was in college, loads of people smoked.

Max- Please do keep numbering your responses, it is quite delightful. But no thanks on the secondhand smoke - I had my fill in the 60s, you see. Would rather not have any more.

Da Old Man - Like you, I know firsthand that smokers are not always filled with pleasure. Au contraire, in fact.

Hindleyite said...

What, you mean you've never been driven home by an irate woman with a chicken head? Honestly... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL My Aunt Mary had one of those cigarette dispensing donkey's - it was our favorite toy along with the gun that was a lighter...Hoo-boy!

Melanie said...

That's what my dad's problem was! He didn't smoke Camels, he smoked Old Gold or something. He'd have had a much nicer disposition with Camels!

And really, his disposition was not good when he was laying in a hospital bed with a collapsed lung and tubes poking into him.

Bill said...

Gosh, now I wish I had named my blog Unique Jackass. It would have been much more appropriate.

The Camel ad is bizarre. The top part doesn't work with the lower part at all. It seems to be an uneasy collaboration between two feuding ad designers.

Staci said...

Well, that explains why my sister is the way that she is. All that cigarette smoke has caused her to see giant roosters. Of course, she smokes Marlboros, so maybe she's seeing giant horses instead.

I'm trying to picture that donkey dispenser, and all I can think of is a Pez dispenser gone bad, that and penguin pooper my nephew got at Christmas. It was this plastic penguin that shot bubble gum out of its butt. My sister's best friend gave it to him, and she smokes as well. It all goes back to the giant rooster, LOL.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I remember my grandfather had one of those donkeys!!
We loved it and constantly were asking to play with it as kids.
He too died of smoking related disease.

Lidian said...

Hindleyite - No, I missed out on that.

Cen and Broadway Matron - So you actually have seen these for real!

Melanie - Yes, I can imagine.

Bill - The name of your blog is perfect, please do not change it! I really like that Edward Gorey avatar too, BTW.

Staci - In Canada at Christmastime you can buy a plastic moose that dispenses chocolate jelly beans.

Anonymous said...

a) I love those numbered points. . . so. . .

b) I wonder who the first person was who thought it was a good idea to put a stick in his mouth (must have been a man) light one end and suck the tar (and a bit of pure pleasure) out of the other.

c) there is no point c.

d) thank you for the entrecard mention. . .

e) please forgive me for the derivative nature of these comments.

Lidian said...

Koe - Maybe I'll write a post in Harvard outline form one of these days. If I can remember how to do it (I just like saying it).

I suspect that men did invent cigarettes but women did join in.

You're welcome, and forgiven, if necessary.

KitschKrafts said...

I would love to see how the ad execs on MadMen would have sold this totally disjointed ad to the customer.
As far as the donkey, YES, it really does exist and my grandparents had one two. In the 1950's my grandfather built a super cool bar in their basement rec room and had all kinds of kitschy stuff like that donkey to put out for parties. We loved to play with it as kids because it went so well with the hobo that would pee in your face when you pulled his pants down. Lovely, I know!

Lidian said...

KitschKrafts - Sounds like kitsch paradise! Do you still have the donkey? I'll bet it would be quite a collector's item! :)