Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Pie-Eyed Banana

Here's the weekly* Retro Recipe that puts the Kitchen in Kitchen Retro! This one is a banana cream pie, suitable for throwing if you are Lucy, Ethel or one of the Three Stooges (or just in that kind of mood) - or for eating, because it is probably an All Right Recipe. Not outstandingly exciting, but not innately disturbing either.

First I want to talk about the strange little banana, then we'll run through the pie-making.

So, the banana. What is she planning on doing with that box of pudding? She wants to marry it, I suppose - in a metaphorical, pie-eyed sense. The My-T-Fine does not look too enthusiastic though. This may be because boxes of pudding are not known for their expressive natures. She seems to be taking it somewhere and no one's going to stop her! This banana is in love. It's a little one-sided, but she means business.

Also she is wearing bows on her - I guess they are legs. And she has an apron on. So maybe she is planning on making a pie out of the My-T-Fine and - some of her banana friends. I just don't know what's going to happen, but I am uneasy about this.

Moving on to the pie - before you make it you have to digest some nauseating motivational copy: "Want to make a hit with your he-man? Serve him the pie voted 'tops' by GIs." Since this ad is from 1953, they are either referring to Korean War vets or possibly to their Gastro-Intestinal tracts. And who wouldn't want a pie rated so highly by those? He-men (snort) have got to watch those delicate GI tracts.

Anyway, here's how you make this therapeutic dessert:

1. Get a premade pie shell out. Put it on the table and stare at it for a minute. Yeah, go on, you really do want to do this.

2. Cook up the My-T-Fine or whatever vanilla pudding mix you have in the house. Use a cup and a half of milk and two egg yolks - just dump it all in the pan and cook it. Maybe you had better beat the egg yolks first though.

3. Slice up a banana and put the slices on the bottom of the pie shell. Then dump the pudding in on top.

4. "Allow to cool." Yes, little pie, you have permission to cool off! Take it easy, now.

5. After it is all calm, cool and collected you may put meringue on top or whipped cream. If you have an extra banana, now would be the time to slice it and stick that on top too. Hey, knock yourself out.

But if the banana you have saved for the pie runs off with the box of vanilla pudding - make something else.

*Weekly in the sense of "if I feel like doing a Retro Recipe that week." A loose definition of weekly, really. If I don't find anything that entertains me that week in a culinary sense, we'll just skip it, OK?

A huge thank you to Webfixer, who kindly helped me, via the Blogger Help Group, to be reunited with my blog titles! He has a blog over here at Webfixer which I have now bookmarked - although I expect those titles to settle down now that they have had a vacation!


Anonymous said...

This is actually a very nice dessert except we made our own pie crust - good with chocolate pudding too! (okay, better with chocolate pudding)

Crystal Raen said...

My hubby's grandmother makes this pie, different pudding tho.
Broadway Matron: I've never tried it with chocolate, but now I'm sorely tempted...yumm. lol.

Tori Lennox said...

That picture creeps me out more than a little.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on and love your blog! I love old-fashioned cooking - my mother-in-law keeps finding me retro cookbooks, they just fascinate me!

Anonymous said...

I love banana cream pie. Thanks for making me hungry for it.

As for the banana, not to leave a comment. ;)

RE Ausetkmt said...

it isn't truly a Bananna Pie without Bananna's IN the Pudding.

I'm going to have to whip up a Bananna Pudding - Geechie style and post it off to you My Girl, cause you let this lil yellow hussy get away with almost no FLAVA.

Bill said...

Hey, here's an careful not to break the egg yolks when preparing the pie filling, and you'll have a Banana Surprise Pie.
"Midge, is this an egg yolk in the middle of my slice of pie???"
"Of course, darling. I knew a he-man like you would like the extra nutrition."

Also, don't judge that little banana too harshly. She knows she has to act fast, before she turns all spotty and brown.

Amy said...

oh my! I've never heard of this recipe, I think that if I was to make it then I hope the banana doesn't want to marry me too...

Lidian said...

Broadway Matron - Chocolate is always a perfect choice!

Crystal - And coconut cream is also very good. I wonder if coconut, chocolate and banana would work?

Tori - It is a little bit weird, that banana.

Adivah - Thank you! I love retro cookbooks too, they are so much fun.

unfinishedrambler - Sure, there are plenty of unspoken banana comments! :)

RE - That sounds great! :)

Bill - Yes, the banana looks like she is in a hurry, and that must be why...

Amy - Perhaps avoiding My-T-Fine is the answer (and I don't think they make it anymore, so that should work)

~~louise~~ said...

How exciting a weekly Retro Recipe! This pie is just perfect for National Pie Day, which happens to be tomorrow (23).

I will be borrowing it if you don't mind. I have so many cookbooks with alluring bananas. This one takes the C...Pie!

Thanks for sharing Lidian...

Lidian said...

Louise - I would be honored to have my retro recipe visit with you! Any time! :) And happy Pie Day!

TheSnackHound said...

Oh its an apron...I thought the banana was wearing undewear. Like those fruit of the loom briefs with the red and blue stitching on the waist band. Don't know if they make those anymore but when we were little, my brother had lots of them. (I know because he left them everywhere)

Lidian said...

TheSnackHound - I remember those Fruit of the Loom commercials, vaguely. They had a real corner on the underwear market.

Zoe said...

that banana surprise pie sounds like a good idea... lol