Friday, January 16, 2009

A Plasticast Of Thousands

Make lots and lots of money at home! It's as easy as pouring water out of a glass. Except it isn't water. It is liquid plastic. You can make millions of useful things, I hear.

That is a lot of things. I imagine that the annoying clutter might outweigh the usefulness of figurines and "gems" and fishing lures.

Such is the Wonder of Liquid Plastics. And also of Liquid Marble, Ivory, Glass, Ceramics and "Etc" They don't want to tell us what "Liquid Etc." might be, which is slightly disturbing. So I am wondering about what that might be.

But there are even more wonders. Such as: I wonder if anyone really thought people would pay for a liquid-plastic gear or knife handle. I wonder how much of a mess this made in your garage or basement (I'm guessing quite a lot).

And I wonder how many "lucky coins" the Plasticast Company received from unlucky people thinking that this "will start the most fascinating and profitable phase of your life!"

Advertisement from Science and Mechanics magazine, 1955.

NOTE: As far as I can tell, Blogger seems to have run off with my titles. And I am working on getting them back! Ugh. Anyway, the title of this is supposed to be "A Plasticast of Thousands."


Bill said...

Oooh...this appeals to that twisted side of me that says "get a jump on Christmas 2009, and start making liquid plastic gifts for all your friends."

Crystal Raen said...

For some reason this brings to mind those little cowboy, farm, and army plastic sets they used to have...

And on another note, I'm so glad I'm not one of Bill's unlucky friends LOL. J/K!!!

Kirsten said...

LOL! Sign me up! I can't wait to start making millions with my handle fortune!

Lidian said...

Bill - Yes, won't they make great presents! Liquid marble figurines!

Crystal - I'm sure one could make those little cowboy sets from this stuff...

Kirsten - Oh yes, this is a winner all right.

Jude said...

I love retro and just wanted to finally take a second and let you know how much I enjoy your blogs and sense of humor...Jude

Scott said...

I love your blog and I think you would appreciate my sense of humor. If I link to your blog on my blog is there any way you could return the favor? I think we could both get more exposure!

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Thanks so much

Da Old Man said...

This is the best thing ever. If this stuff is still around (how could it not be, other than EPA regulations) I would make so many great plastic etc's.

Jen said...

This brings to mind the cocktail party in The Graduate...I can't remember who said it but it was something like, "One word, Plastic" Or something like that.

Relax Max said...

I actually bought a Plasticast off the back cover of a comic book once. It was the best investment I ever made (as an 11 year old, at least.) I am happy to report I made thousands of dollars off my castings, quit school in the 6th grade, and never looked back. Scoff if you must, but that stuff works! :)

Lidian said...

Jude - Thank you so much!:)

Scott - I will go check out your blog in the near future...thanks.

Da Old Man - It does sound rather fabulous!

Jen - I will have to go check for that on YouTube, it's been 20+ years since I saw "The Graduate" (great movie!)

Relax Max - My goodness, so you are proof that this is lucky stuff! ;)

Erica said...

Hahaha... it's true that plastic is profitable, but not in your GARAGE! The plastic (or marble or glass or etc) isn't the hard thing to get, it's a decent mold.

(This is probably the one annual occasion on which my professional life and blogging life would intersect!)

Frogs in my formula said...

Mmmm, plastic gems and figurines. Are there accompanying molds or does your mind's eye wish for a shape and then it magically appears? I too am curious about the Liquid, etc. What the heck is it??

Sher said...

Loved your post and your blog!

Have a great day!

Lidian said...

Erica - I don't think that this kind of plastic ever was that profitable.

Frogs in my Formula - It is all very mysterious, and they never do show us what those gems looked like.

Cher - Thanks! :)