Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brillo Haiku

Jailed in the kitchen,
Scrubbing piles of pots and pans -
Even the suds sigh.

Invisible bars
Hold her back from playing bridge
And eating bon bons.

This lousy kitchen
Sink fills as if by magic
With large crusted pots.

Oh brilliant Brillo
Pads full of jeweler's polish,
Release this sadsack!

See her shine a pan,
Then glow with enlightenment.
Steel wool nirvana.

Buy Brillo, feel swell:
A clean kitchen brings release.
That's their satori.

But know this, lady:
You are only out on bail.
Next meal is coming.


Bill said...

Shine pans easy!

That's even more quicker than shining them easily.

Thanks, Brillo! You're swell! You even banish Housewife Hair!

Tori Lennox said...

If your pots & pans are spiffed up with jewelers polish, shouldn't you be worried burglars would break in and steal them?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the cruelty of those magical filling sinks from the 1950s. Thank God that civilized modern society has done away with them.

Exaggerator said...

What hilarity inherent in the haiku!

Frogs in my formula said...

That's their satori--HAH. Oh this is gorgeously written. Hilarious.

Preston said...

Who knew Brillo was such a savior? Great vintage ad. Love the commentary too. :)

bluecocktail said...

shine pans so easy!

me shine so hard!

me shine you long time!

The Ebon Swan said...

So um, if I use Brillo pads do I get the makeover too? If it can style my hair and put on my makeup I'm so there.

Dori said...

I love the line.."steel wool nirvana"

harry seenthing said...
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Lidian said...

Bill - Maybe she used the Brillo to wash her hair?

Tori - Yes, probably.

Sassafrasjunction - That's true, but even now a full sinkload can feel like a tough sentence.

Exaggerator - They are quite fun to do, as well - and thank you...

Frogs in my Formula - Thank you as well. I've always liked writing poems that mean to be funny. Satires of serious ones, too.

Preston - Brillo's secret life! It goes into a tiny phonebooth and transforms.

bluecocktail - Yes, well.

Ebon Swan - I think you'd deserve a makeover at the very least after all that Brillo hard labor.

Dori - Thank you :)

kate said...

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