Monday, February 9, 2009

Embroiled In A Bad Popcorn Situation

Oh, but they ARE saying no to Embro. The happy lady just can't hear them. The popping noise has affected her hearing. But that's too bad, for they are already embroiled in the bad situation. Tough luck, kids.

Here is where a little bit of word association speaks louder than - well, not louder than words, obviously. It IS words. But louder than popcorn.

Because when you think of Embro, you might also think about:

1. Embryo - the obvious, and revolting, choice.

2. Ember - oh, so what they're implying is that the popcorn will be burnt.

3. Embrocation - a liquid topical medication that you rub on if you have a pain or a sprain. And if you eat this stuff, you might have a pain or two.

4. Embolism - obstruction of a blood vessel by an embolus, or clot. No better than #1, really.

5. Embryoma - a kind of tumor. Not any better, either.

6. Embryophyta - something to do with plants.

7. Embroidery - can be OK, but not edible, obviously.

8. Embalming - now we're getting gross again. Ugh, for heaven sake, it's Monday morning. Do we have to go on and on and ON?

Just one more, I promise. This actually ties up the whole post and - well, you'll see. It's not bad, for Monday morning anyway.

9. Embargo - when a country refuses to send goods and things to another country.

Insert joke about an embargo on Embro, right here. Cue the laugh track. Thank you and good night! Or morning. Whatever's going on outside your window, have a blast.


Coming tomorrow: Something somewhat new, actually: Inquiring Minds Want to Know! Answering questions about pop culture, trivia of nearly any kind and oddball stuff in general. Tomorrow we're inquiring into something breakfast-related, and will also beseech the reader for future questions! What fun that will be.


Erica said...

When I first glanced at the ad, I thought she was surrounded by popcorn. Huh, those are big popcorn kernels, sez I to myself.

Then I noticed that they were little heads... and things went downhill from there.

Angi said...

Ummm yeah, my brain automatically thought "embryo", and I could never eat something that sounded that way.

It almost makes me rethink eggs, too.

Jen said...

I didn't even notice the little heads but I did think embryo right away. It probably wouldn't have happened if I had been wearing my glasses. Either way ick.

Tori Lennox said...

I had the same embryo thought, too. Ugh!

RE Ausetkmt said...

OMG, You did Not Say Beseech..

I Shall Most Certainly Be in Attendance Tomorrow.

Lidian said...

Erica - Oh no, little popcorn heads. Ugh.

Angi - I can't even look at eggs right now.

Jen - Ick indeed. But I do kind of love how naive the ad designer was.

Tori - I think a lot of people must have, because this is an extinct product.

RE - I guess I did say beseech! It was that kind of day around here, she said laughingly. Please do come round tomorrow!

GoRetroGirl said...

I thought the name said embryo at first...proof that good marketing gurus were few and far in between back in those days...

Frogs in my formula said...

Ok good, I am not alone. I immediately thought of embryo too.

Incidentally, there's a Fedus Lane in Mulletville and every time I drive by it I cringe. Why would someone do that?

Anonymous said...

if the kids say no to embro, ma will beat them. they know better tah to say no to embro. he might be their new uncle daddy.

Success With Women said...

interesting observation you've made.


Bill said...

That's an unfortunate name for a food product. The ad firm probably wanted to pull their hair out. I guess it might have been worse. Embro could have made baby food.

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Buttered embryos are a delicacy in such civilized and openly democratic countries as North Korea.

ettarose said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck. I will stick with Orville what's his name.

Lidian said...

GoRetroGirl - So did I!

Frogs in my Formula - Did you see the article (I forget where, but it ought to Google up nicely) aboutplace names in Britain, such as Crapstone and Penistone? There are some fun street names in there, too.

Anonymous - What a scenario you have imagined!

Deden - Yes, indeed.

Bill - You're right, baby food would have been far worse.

Self-Deprechaun - I have heard of this and seen it in on Lonely Planet (in China, I think, that episode was).

ettarose - I like Orville too. SmartPop is good.

Starcasm said...

You know who has truly never says "NO!" to an embryo?
Nadya Suleman

Lidian said...

Starcasm - Oh, snap! Good one.