Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gimme Some Money - Also, A Hundred Towels

We're all looking for a big towel bargain, right? Well, this here is the biggest towel bargain in the US. Not that I was keeping track or anything.

And just imagine the quality. Not only are these lovely towels unwoven (that sounds dubious!) but you get 50 towels for a dollar (100 towels for $1.89, if you're feeling extravagant).

Don't think that the fun ends with you sitting back enjoying all these BRAND-NEW Deluxe Quality towels, no sirree. You too can go into business for yourself - selling them to other unsuspecting people. You even get "sure-fire MONEY-MAKING Plans" with those hundred towels - and as we know from experience around here, any ad that capitalizes key words is really excellent.

This can only lead to great things!

Speaking of which, let's go multi-media today. Enough already with the ads! This clip is from the classic "rockumentary" This Is Spinal Tap (1984), which chronicles the ill-fated comeback tour of the eponymous group.

It's a faux-retro gem from the time when Spinal Tap was known as the Thamesmen. And it is also a perfect parody of early 60s Stones et alia (and of course, the Beatles' cover of "Money"). All the requisites are here: the nerdy drummer, the narcissitic lead singer,the smirking, and of course the overly-hailed yet uninspiring guitar solo. Go, Nigel, go!

"I'm lookin' for pound notes, loose change, bad checks, anything, gimme some mon-ay..."


Many thanks indeed to (a cool and funny site well worth a visit), for making Kitchen Retro their Link of the Day - and a thousand thanks also of course to Giulia D. for recommending KR (sorry, I don't have a link for you, Giulia, but if you let me know I can add one). I immediately reread Starcasm's fab post on getting Dugg, so I am prepared for the emotional rollercoaster, then the inevitable crash and burn.

Giddy with excitement (rollercoaster commencing!), I did a little research - and apparently when one is Link of the Day (see bottom of the Wikipedia entry) things might get a little bit hectic around here. I'm not assuming it will, but it might. In which case, I'll just run out for more drinks and snacks later on - suggestions, anyone?


Needless To Say said...

Congratulations, Lidian! Enjoy the snacks and drinks! (and then you can use some of those spare towels for clean-up)

Tori Lennox said...

I couldn't help wondering if when they say "biggest towel bargain" if they meant they had the biggest towels that were a bargain... oh, never mind, I'm confusing myself now. *g*

Kirsten said...

lol! I love Spinal Tap! One of the funniest movies ever.
As far as the towels go, I have an extra dollar. I think I might just start a new business. Times are hard, but who doesn't need towels?

Bill said...

I'm glad I got here before the rush. I hate crowds.

I think the ad is on the up & up. After all, the name of the company is 50 Towel Co. What could go wrong? I'm sure unwoven cotton & rayon would be fine. Rayon is known for its absorbency, right? And since these aren't woven, you could always move over to a cotton patch if you need something extra bibulous.

Speaking of bibulousness, as a former hard drinker, I'd recommend a celebration centering around as many different drinks as you can gulp down. Try 'em all! Pink Ladies, Rob Roys, Salty Dogs, Rusty Nails, Black Opals, Hurricanes, Brandy Alexanders, Grasshoppers.
Absinthe, if you can get your hands on it.
Mix & match! Collect them & trade them!

♥georgie♥ said...

i am so gonna pay $1.89 and try and make some money...LOL too funny!
stopping by from entrecard to say hi

Starcasm said...

Congrats on being link-o-the-day at user friendly!

Lidian said...

Needless To Say - This probably does require me to get the great deal on towels (maybe, though I think everything's been cool so far)

Tori - That's an interesting point, maybe these bargain towels are really small, like washcloths, hence the bargain price?

Kirsten - It's one of my favorites too, I love them.

Bill - I'll try, but absinthe is a little bit hard to track down these days. Although it does make the heart grown fonder (could not resist that one).

Georgie - Hi back! Glad you came by.

Starcasm - Thank you! In my first minutes of confusion and early-morning pre-caffeinated panic, I thought of you, I knew your post would show me the way, graphs and all.

ettarose said...

Dig in and hold on tight. I wish you all the traffic ever.

Phyl (Bookishgal) said...

It looks like you are really going places! Woo!

I'm laughing my head off at the 50 (nay, 100!) towels. Just imagine the quality!

Lidian said...

Phyl - Well, thank you! Who knows? It was a fun day though, also nervewracking (which is why I ran off to the library) :)

Lidian said...

ettarose - Thank you too...It is so nice, but it also worries me, in a Woody Allenesque sort of way (I am a fun gal when worried, no doubt about it) :)