Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life Lessons From Kleenex

Let's play What's Wrong With This Picture, three rounds:

1. Is That A Cold In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To Sneeze On Me?

-The baby kangaroo is not using a Kleenex.
-The baby kangaroo is being compared to a cold (entities that are in pockets, etc.)
- The mother hasn't got any Kleenex or any clue as to how to cope with a sneeze.
- Do kangaroos even sneeze?

2. When Bad Puns Happen To (Potentially) Good Coffee

-Just don't, don't, don't filter coffee with a Kleenex.
-Don't even think about it!
-Not even if you're camping or anything.
-No excuses.
-Instant is better if all you have around the house are some Kleenex, OK?
-Do this and you will have grounds for divorce, or something. It won't help matters, is what I'm saying.
-I doubt that he's really all that happy to see another cup of Kleenex coffee. He actually looks rather dismayed.
-No wonder.

3. The Chipping News

-Here's someone else without the proper supplies.
-I agree that Kleenex might be OK to wrap perfume bottles in, little things like that.
-I did this on a couple of moves, so it must be OK!
-But what's she doing wrapping the china in it? Must take half a box to wrap one dinner plate, plus you'd have to Scotch tape them. You'd have to start packing five years before you actually knew you'd be moving...and that's just confusing to say the least.
-And I doubt that she's really going to polish the stuff with the Kleenex at the other end.


Bill said...

This sure is a fun ad! Did it appear in a comic book? These are ideas sent in by actual customers, if we can believe what we read. I had no clue that kangaroos lived in Kalamazoo, but it does have a nice alliterative ring to it.
But our China Chipper Gal? Please! She looks like more of a home-wrecker than a careful packer.

mincognita said...

The things you learn. Just think of the money I could have saved on coffee filters. (smacking self in forehead)

Sean Donland said...

I'll bet kleenex is a better coffee filter than toilet paper. Live and Learn!

Tori Lennox said...

If Kalamazoo Kangaroos do sneeze, I bet they've got one heck of a kick!

Crystal Raen said...

Okay kleenex and coffee??? That is just sacrilege.

Lidian said...

Bill - You will be horrified to learn that this is from Better Homes and Gardens. Not Better Homes and Coffee, you understand.

mincognita - Well, I think the filters are a good investment, though.

Sean - I read about using TP as a coffee filter (in Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, such a great book) and it was pretty terrible.

Tori - I'll bet they do! But do they have plenty of lettuce?

Crystal - It surely is! :)

Anonymous said...

i hate my husband, so i always use kleenex as a coffee filter...but only used kleenex! he thinks it's decaf, but IT'S SNOT!

Kirsten said...

who knew that kleenex was so useful? I'm glad that chick's husband is happier now that she uses kleenex as a coffee filter. I wonder. Is he "special"?

Anonymous said...

So Kleenex is... Jesus? Or similar?

Lidian said...

Anonymous - Your secret is safe here!

Kirsten - He looks a little deranged, actually. Could be ingesting too much Kleenex.

sassafrasjunction - Whatever it is, it's very very very useful, apparently.