Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now Playing: The TV Nuisance

It's a miracle, all right. I don't know how much it has to do with engineering though:

1. It's a miracle that nobody seems to notice that there's a giant television set in the movie theater.

2. And that no one's walked out yet.

3. Because if that's what playing at the Silver Majestic Empire Et Cetera, I want my money back. They say it "blocks out TV nuisances." Obviously, they are lying.

4. Now if this is actually someone's living room (the premise of the ad being that you will feel as if you are at the movies) - we still have several problems:

5. Who put all the hard seats in and took away the sofa?

6. Who are all these strange people, and what are they doing in our living room?

7. Why won't anyone just get up and change the channel? Are they - hypnotized? Are they ever going to leave? Maybe this show will never end.

Emerson, looks like you were elected to go out and buy us all popcorn and soda. Where's the concession stand? I don't know. Try the kitchen. Maybe you could rig up another engineering miracle in there.

Image (circa 1953) from the Duke University Ad Access collection. Thank you, Duke University, for the access and the ads.

Thank you very very much to my friends Margie and Edna for the lovely post about Kitchen Retro and Virtual Dime Museum...I have enjoyed visiting them every day for a long time now, as I'm sure a lot of you do too. If you don't, for heaven's sake - go visit!

And thank you so much to Marie at Nourish - who you should also go visit - for the Your Blog Is Fabulous award!


Relax Max said...

But who is that hip dude with the bow tie kissing Charlie McCarthy? It sure ain't Candace Bergman's daddy. And the dummy doesn't like it.

Tori Lennox said...

Ah, that's because that's not Charlie McCarthy. It's Jerry Mahoney and his keeper Paul Winchell. And I sure wouldn't want them that size in MY living room.

Dan Brantley said...

See if Emerson had just followed thorugh with this concept they would have beaten Sony and had a JumboTron in 1953... of course since LCDs had not been invented the tube would have weighed several hundred thousand pounds... how would you loke that hanging over your head at a stadium!
Maybe things turned out for the best.

Bill said...

Soon our TV's will fulfill the vision in Fahrenheit 451, and will actually be the walls in our rooms.

Does a monstrously large television in a theater seem like something Andy Kaufman would have dreamed up, or is it just me?

Da Old Man said...

I used to love the Winchell Mahoney show. I wouldn't have walked out until Farfelle said to leave.

Relax Max said...

Ah, yes. Jerry Mahoney. That's very different. Never mind. :)

Lidian said...

Max - I was hoping that someone could tell us in the comments...

Tori - Thank you! I was too horrified to find out who they were myself.

Dan - Yes, I think that they did turn out for the best.

Bill - Yeah, Andy would have liked this, I'm sure. Only I think he would have preferred wrestling matches to this.

Da Old Man - I will have to look this up on YouTube.

Max - You seem to know all about Jerry Mahoney, too! I will have to educate myself, I see.

Tori Lennox said...

Jerry & Paul were on an old (circa 1950s) episode of What's My Line on the Game Show Network a month or so ago. Though I hate to admit I'd have recognized them regardless. *g*

Shinade said...

i can remember seeing this on t.v. Oh my I can remember owning a tv. when they looked like this.

Of course my parents owned it because I was just a wee thing then!

I read your highlight and it was wonderful and completely true.

I may not always comment but I do always read and enjoy!!:-)

Lidian said...

Shinade - I remember our first TV had rabbit ears and sat in a wobbly metal stand, but it was small and nothing like the flashy Emerson! :)

Lidian said...

Tori - Thank you, I had no idea who they were! I do like 50s-60s TV shows but I hadn't seen these guys before this ad.

Denise said...

i like your blog. ;)
i read it in Margie and Edna's post. their blog is one of my favorite. when they featured yours, i went to check it out.
truly, your blogs are interesting. i enjoyed reading. have a nice day ms.lidian.

Lidian said...

Thanks, Denise! Margie and Edna are two of my favorite ladies, so it was quite an honor. I have been blushing on and off all day, but I probably won't send for the book, as I know why.