Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best Fun Maker Ever!

So you've got yourself a nifty car horn that wolf-whistles and hoots at female pedestrians, and upsets the other drivers. Good! That's a fine start.

This is the next level of automobile fun. It is REAL FUN, not just tapping on a silly old horn. You see, first you get them mad with the horn. Then when they get out of their cars, or off the front porch, to come and confront you - oh boy! They will get a "HARMLESS, but VERY EFFECTIVE shock."

And when they come back that night to key your car, or put rotten tomatoes all over it - they'll get a follow-up surprise! Another shock! They will get such a good laugh out of it, too. Why, I can only imagine how popular you are going to be. This is well worth ten dollars (the equivalent of a week's worth of groceries back then, I believe).

And when you touch bumpers with your "buddie's" car, he won't be able to get in his car either. Very soon, he will be your "ex-buddie." He will be buddies with all your neighbors instead. And then that's when you had better start thinking about moving away and going to a new town where they "can take a joke." Wherever that is. Just don't go to New York and try this, that's all I'm saying.

In yesterday's comments, Da Old Man and Me-Me King mentioned that they had (respectively) owned or knew of an owner of the Wolf-Whistle Horn (you were probably kidding, Da Old Man, right? Right?). Likewise, if anyone really knew someone who owned the Auto-Shocko, we all want to know!

A thousand thanks to Heather, who sent me this ad. She just wrote a fabulous post on vintage ads, so so funny - I recommend that you go visit her right about now and read it.


Da Old Man said...

As far as yesterday's item:
Nope. J.C. Whitney sold an equivalent thing in the 1970's.
It was a must have for my Plymouth.
They may called it something different, but it was pretty much fun. It made several noises, each more rude than the previous.

Heather Cherry said...

Thanks a billion, Liddy!



Tori Lennox said...

Wow. This product has lawsuit written all over it! What somebody with a heart condition touches your car, even innocently? I'm so sure a "harmless but VERY EFFECTIVE" shock is just what they need to keel over dead as a dodo.

Bill said...

This would be fine for anyone planning to spend the rest of their life inside their car, safe from the angry mob.

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Ah, there ARE advantages to living in Los Angeles. You see, we wouldn't be susceptible to somebody's shocking car because we would simply shoot them when they kept playing that obnoxious horn!

Phyl said...

My, you're featuring all the perfect car accessories right now, aren't you?

Relax Max said...

Just when you think you've seen the ultimate car gag, you come along and top it. Shocking people sure puts the wolf whistle to shame.

I note that if you order it C.O.D. (can't do that anymore), you have to send a $1 deposit. This is because in case you don't pay the mailman, the cost of manufacture and mailing is still covered for the company. Plus 65 cents profit.

Will not run your battery down**

**Unless you leave it on for more than 2 minutes.

Lidian said...

Da Old Man - I guess they were quite popular, if they were making similar things as late as the 70s! :)

Heather - Ditto, I'm sure! You are the best!

Tori - Excellent point - it's a good thing they don't make this now.

Bill - You probably would have to plan for that. Pack a cooler and some good books...

Dr. Julie-Ann - Oh well, that's another good reason they don't make these anymore, as Tori was saying!

Phyl - It does seem that way, doesn't it? I will do something different for Thursday...

Max - Yes, that company certainly did well, this was really quite expensive.