Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swinging Fashion Tips From Barbie and Rex

It's a good thing Barbie over there has many swinging things to say, because I have some swinging memes to do!

Cen of Cen's Loft and Tricia at papercages (sadly, no more, so I can't link - miss you, Tricia!) passed along the seven-random-things meme at the end of last year, and now my dear pal Kris of Lily's Licorice has given me the six-random-things meme, too. That makes a total of twenty random things, I think. They are supposed to be things about me, but I like to make up my own randomness. SO....the next couple of days will be a festival of odds and ends (cue the punchline: so what else is new around here?)

Also, I might have more than 20 things, because I have in front of me a guide to all things Hip from 1966. There's a lot of ground to cover, all right. All of it so funny that there'll be plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. Just like the best kinds of dinner, in my opinion!

For our first episode, the lovely New Talking Barbie over there is going to talk to us about Looking Hip. Her source is film critic Rex Reed's splendid Hip (?) Girl's Directory (the little question mark is Rex's, not mine - and I have no idea where his doubts lay, either). It appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine in April 1966, which was around the time of Barbie's bendiferous heyday (that was 1965-67, to be exact).

Barbie always wants to talk about hair and clothes, after all, so here you go, this is what's IN:

1. White stockings
2. Rings on toes
3. Bell-bottom trousers
4. Party pajamas
5. Dynel hair switches
6. Shoulder makeup
7. Lacquered triangle bobby pins
8. Vinyl raincoats
9. White eye-liner
10. Positive lipstick colors

In other words, Barbie's 1966 clothing line from that famous couturier, Coco Mattel. And as a bonus, here are five hip expressions to use while you are wearing all that plasticky stuff:

1. Blow your cool
2. Crackers
3. Snarky
4. Mousing
5. Mippy

Warning: DO NOT say things like Raunchy, Swinging, Too Much, Groovy, Pussycat, Fab, Super or Get Serious! Rex says they are not hip. And perhaps that is where the question mark comes into it. For he has no control over what Barbie, or you, are saying. Why would he? Get serious, pussycat!

And so much for yesterday's post title, I guess. But I won't blow my cool over it or go crackers or anything. Peace out, man - and more to come tomorrow.

And a thousand thanks to my hip and cool friend Heather for the Barbie ad!

P.S. What in the world does Mippy mean? Anyone? Urban Dictionary says it now means "Modern Hippie" but I don't think that's what Rex Reed had in mind. It sounds like what you might name a little cat - perhaps that's where the Mousing comes into it.


Heather Cherry said...

LOL, "Coco Mattel". FYI, I have one of my mom's old Barbies. She has the real eyelashes and is wearing what definitely resembles a darling little tweed Chanel suit.

Me-Me King said...

Now this brings back memories. I was the first on my block to have a Barbie with bendable legs - I was the envy of the neighborhood.

Tori Lennox said...

I feel cheated. I'm pretty sure none of my Barbies had "real" eyelashes. And just how real were they, anyway? I mean, were they made from human eyelashes, or what? Enquiring minds want to know!

Lidian said...

Heather - A little tweed suit sounds very tasteful! :)

Me-Me - I didn't have any Barbies, but I remember the commercials, and they sounded pretty good (esp with those bendy legs)...I don't think my mother quite liked Barbie, although come to think of it we never talked about it! She liked those Mme Alexanders, which were not my favorites (so of course that is what I had! lol)

Tori - I hope they weren't real human eyelashes...Inquiring minds maight try and find out though! :)

Amy said...

oh I was wondering what mippy meant, why would barbie like to say swinging things? hmm does this mean barbie is a swinger?

Margo said...

Was Rex Reed some kind of sex symbol in the 60s? Did I miss something? I remember my first bendy Barbie and the coat hanger wire thing inside her leg that made it bend, broke at the knee and poked out of her skin. It was horrifying. That I remember it so well, makes me think I was pretty upset about it.

Heather Cherry said...

Oh, it's quite tasteful. I would wear it if it wasn't Barbie-sized.

P.S. You have an award at my site!

Condo Blues said...

I think Barbie's see through babydoll is postivly mippy! I'll bet my bippy on it.

Starcasm said...

What does "mousing" mean?

Shay said...

I remember those "Is it fake or is it real Dynel" ads. Too funny.

Lidian said...

Amy - Well, she does talk the Swinging Talk!

Margo - I don't think Rex Reed was a sex symbol...I do know he was pals with Jacqueline Susann, and I think he wrote movie reviews for LHJ (??) And you're not alone, I remember all my dolls from that era and various issues they had (Mme Alexanders for example had the opposite problem, excessively UNbending limbs)

Heather - Groovy! Thanks!

Condo Blues - Another Laugh-In alum, I see! I used to love that show, I can't think why my parents watched it but I'm glad they did. Sock it to me!

Starcasm - I don't know...I was thinking maybe it was a Helen Gurley Brown thing (i.e. the concept of the shy girl as a 'mouseburger', ew)...Or maybe they knew my cats would like carrying Barbies around in their mouths.

Shay - Dynel is such a great retro-evoking word, isn't it? I remember it in ads, too.

HumorSmith said...

I had a girlfriend with bendable legs.

bluecocktail said...

i think "mousing" has been replaced with "gerbil-ing". that sounds like something rex reed would enjoy, huh?

Lidian said...

HumorSmith - Well, that must have been fun.

bluecocktail - Perhaps, but I have a feeling that that would shock all the poor girls who were reading Cosmo back then!