Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bee Hive Yourself

For ACTIVE people...a great source of food energy!

...Yeah, and it's also a great source of energy for hyperactive people, too! I mean, just take a look at what is going on over there on the right.

This gentleman clearly does not need to be consuming any Bee Hive Corn Syrup. In fact, it might be wise to keep him away from sugar of any kind, altogether.

And also away from the furniture, come to think of it.

I really don't like the perky look in his eye. And he doesn't seem to be holding the axe properly, from the little I know (I have watched other people split firewood so, yes, big expert here!)

Also, the can of corn syrup is roughly the same size as the tree trunk. We really need to take that away, too. That's going to be split in two next.

This slightly wrinkly ad is from the 1950 newspaper that was in the basement floor joists until last month, when it was recovered during an archeological expedition which was taking place alongside some renovations. I am going to be ironing and scanning the rest of the paper later today. I hope I can get more wrinkles out than I did with this hyper woodsman and his axe.


Tori Lennox said...

I'd like to know how they got corn syrup out of a bee hive....

Bill said...

I love food energy. Sometimes after I eat I just feel lethargic.

This guy's French-Canadian; that's my guess. The cap & the mustache are the clues.
The mustache could just be a wrinkle in the paper, though.

Me-Me King said...

The way I'm feeling, I could use about a case of this right now. On second thought, the cactus might fight back.

mincognita said...

Geez... and to think I don't even iron the laundry.

Hairball said...

What's in that can? Meth??

The Exaggerator said...

And let's not forget that Bee Hive was THE brand of corn syrup fed to the Dionne Quintuplets in their infancy.

(Or was it Crown Brand?)

Margo said...

That is so fun to have found this! I look forward to hearing more about your hidden finds. Speaking of which, I'm trying to find that book I may have told you about a couple of months ago from the fifties about how to be a perfect housewife. So far, no luck.
I think this guy looks like one of the crazies on one of those Lifetime movies that offs his girlfriend.

Amy said...

wow I can't believe you found that in the floorboards, how old is your house?

Lidian said...

Tori - Strange bees, maybe.

Bill - He does look French, but I don't think they use lots of corn syrup in Quebec, so am confused.

Me-Me - I could also use some. Or something.

mincognita - Me neither, just old newspapers! :)

Hairball - Very possibly.

The Exaggerator - Yeah, and that all turned out so well...(they were near North Bay, Ontario, not Quebec, though).

Margo - That book sounds really fun!

Amy - Our house was built in 1929, so I guess this dates from the first set of renovations circa 1950 (I am not sure what they did, actually, aside from stuffing the newspaper down there)

iPentimento | Genealogy and History said...

That is so cool that you found the old newspaper. Even better that you always find the humor in all of it. I need to do a new post from my Home Friend 1909 magazine series along these same lines.

The Exaggerator said...

I was well aware of the fact of les cinq jumelles Dionnes being from up near North Bay--Corbeil, Ontario, to be exact.

What many may be unaware of was that the makers of Bee Hive (St. Lawrence Starch Co.) and Crown Brand (Canada Starch Co.) ran rival advertisements in the latter part of 1934 into early 1935 suggesting that one or the other had been fed to Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie and Marie as an important part of their daily diet, prompting a court suit which was subsequently dismissed.

Anonymous said...

If a tree falls in a forest, and only some ax-wielding guy hyped on corn syrup is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Seriously though, does it look like to anyone else that his hand is down the front of his pants? I'm sure it's supposed to be his pocket, but it looks like Mr. Corn Syrup is playing with both of his axes or both of his trees, take your pick. Or maybe he swung the ax so hard he wants to make sure that Little Mr. Corn Syrup is still there. It might explain the smile on his face.

Okay, never mind. I looked at it wrong. I see his hand on the axe now. However, when you glance at it one way, it looks like the bottom line for his arm is actually the top and his hand is tucked in his pants on the left.

Staci said...

Okay, I was trying to type my url and I hit enter by accident. The anonymous comment wasn't anonymous. It was from me. Stupid, trigger happy, pinky finger.

Relax Max said...

A little known point that I just now saw in the fine print on the ad: The joists in your house were made from this paper tree. So it makes sense that if they needed reinforcing, rolled up paper ads would just the thing. I hope you caused no structural damage by removing the ads.

Lidian said...

iPentimento - That would be great, I look forward to it!

The Exaggerator - That's interesting; and I did not know that! So thanks.

Anonymous - There is something amiss, yes. But what it is is hard to say.

Staci - Oh, I am glad it was you, it was such a great comment! :)

Max - Well, so far the house is still standing, so I guess it is OK.