Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noxzema Haiku

A poor complexion
Is no reason to give up:
Spotty chins up, girls.

No need to look glum
As last week's Sunday paper
Left out in the rain.

Just buy a big pot
Of medicated white cream -
It's called Noxzema!

O wondrous potion
That makes unsightly skin glow
With happy smoothness!

Girls, this stuff is grand,
Life-changing for thousands who
Were thrilled beyond words!

So go out right now
And spend some money, honey:
Go buy lots and lots

Of you-know-what cream.
And very soon you will smile
Pretty much non-stop.

Yes, it is that good.
No, the supplies will not last:
Get cracking, sister.

Advertisement from Song Hits magazine, February 1942. So you could sing a little song on the way to the drugstore, you see. Through the paper bag over your head. You know the Before Girl is thinking about doing that.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

You know, I actually used to use this stuff. And I still love the smell. My dad used it until he passed away. He vowed it's what made his skin so wrinkle-free!!! :o)

Dee said...

If I use this cream,
I will break out in a rash.
I am allergic.

I do like the smell, but I used it on a sunburn once, boy what a mistake.

Me-Me King said...

I used Noxema in my early teens. I'm not exactly sure what was in that stuff, but it took my breath away.

Tori Lennox said...

I wonder if Gracie Allen used it? She was in a movie I watched last night from 1942, Mr & Mrs North. Hard to tell how her skin looked in black & white, though.

The Exaggerator said...

Not many know this, but Noxzema was originally known as "Dr. Bunting's Sunburn Remedy."

Until a salesman for the company noted where a customer discovered that the product "knocks eczema," so inspiring its present name.

Now you know.

Lidian said...

Mary - We still use it, actually. It is really good.

Dee - Oh dear. That does not sound grand at all.

Me-Me - I don't know either, but I do rather like it.

The Exaggerator - Yes indeed.

Sandi said...

I used to use this as a teen, loved the smell and fresh feeling on my face. Problem being? It's NOT for a person who breaks out. It has about 5 different kinds of oils in it and causes terrible breakouts. I always wondered WHAT was causing it. It was all the extra oil I slathered on my face. lol

Amy said...

I remember that stuff being advertised in the 80s in various teen magazines

KiKi said...

Awesome!!! I remember using this stuff as a teen too. In fact, my mother used to glob it in my nostrils with a Qtip in the winter when we'd go outside and play. Yeah, don't ask.

Lidian said...

Sandi - I had no idea it had a lot of oil in it! My girls both use it and really like it.

Amy - Yes, and I remember Boone Bell face toner being advertised pretty heavily then too.

KiKi - OK, I'm not asking...