Saturday, April 11, 2009

Potato Chip Haiku

Golden Flake floozies,
You are dressed for fun all right
In that crinkly sack,

Like a tinfoil dress
Whipped up by Rudi Gernreich
That is one mod bag.

Cooked up by an F,
Who wears a little apron
And waves a big fork.

I doubt that letters
Moonlight as junk food pushers -
This is quite dubious.

These Red Seal chips
Are like rowdies at the hop -
Light, fresh and noisy,

And delicious too!
So says a cartoon squirrel
Who's smaller by half

Than these falling chips
With their strange red undersides,
Whose main selling point

Is this new package
Of bright primary colors
Pretense of newness -

But ultimately
You open the bag and think:
Relax, they're just chips.

Thank you so much Heather for the inspiring ad. Homemade Potato Chips on Foodista


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I'd buy them just for the packaging. For sure. And, of course, the squirrel.

lilaphase said...

Hmmmm . . .

Haiku - always impressive!

Margo said...

The strangely colored undersides alone would have me tossing it in the cart.

Judy said...

Yuck...that does not look appetizing to me! We used to have Buckeye Potato Chips and their ad had dancing, singing Idaho potatoes.
Ditty went:
Did you ever see an Idaho potato get fresh
Making goo-goo eyes at you?
NO! Mr. Buckeye saw and he captured them
To make potato chips for you.
Buckeye Potato Chips, Buck Potato Chips,
Get them at your grocer today!

(I can sing the Ipana song too)

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Cookie Brochette said...

And, they're NOISY! Cool! I like food that has stuff to say.

Cookie B.
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Lidian said...

Mary - It is hard to resist a bright package with a squirrel on it, isn't it?

lilaphase - Haiku, the poetry of quiet desperation! :)

Margo - Maybe they came in other fun colors, too!

Judy - If a potato ever made goo-goo eyes at me, I would be running for the hills, not buying potato chips.

Cookie - Yes, noisy food is always fun.

Relax Max said...

Is that a squirrel? Looks like Simon the chip monk in the Christmas song. Maybe the red-sided ships are to decorate your Christmas tree with. ;)

Relax Max said...

I forgot it was a Haiku. Here is what I really meant to sY:

Is that a squirrel?
Or is that Simon chipmonk?
"Chip" monk, get it? Ha!

Lidian said...

Max - I had forgotten about the Chipmunks, yes - that could well be one of them. And wouldn't they make stunning Christmas tree decorations (the chips, not the critters) -

"Chip" monk, got it - am chortling (quietly, mentally)...

David said...

I think the back is red because that is where they put their "Red Seal" logo.

It is on every chip to prove it was individually inspected for quality assurance.

Lidian said...

David - Yes, that makes sense - thanks.

Bill said...

These must be good. They have a red seal.

And, they're noisy. Keep them off the table at breakfast, or they'll run away with Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

Lidian said...

Bill - Excellent point. Probably one should keep them in separate cabinets too, just to be safe...

christine said...

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