Friday, April 17, 2009

You Will Roux the Day

She's being brave about it, you can tell. The tight smile, the tenseness in the eyebrows (or perhaps that's just an excess of eyebrow pencil).

What can you do with Roux Shampoo, exactly? Aside from rhyme a little, that is. And make bad puns.

Make gumbo, perhaps. Or some sort of white sauce. "Oh my, that stew does look lighter and brighter - and - and richer, dear - but I just ate. Really."

They still make Roux shampoo, as you can see right over here. The Roux crew also make a hair-color mousse called Fanci-Full, which I remember seeing years ago on the bottom shelf of the hair-color section in the drugstore. That's where you find all the oddball stuff, like Dippity-Doo hair gel. Which rhymes, of course, with Roux. And, uh, shampoo.

All women who think "they can do it,"
What ever it is, they will Roux it:
Then to make some amends
They will gel the split ends
But Dippity Doo tends to glue it.

Happy National Poetry Month, and all that.

This splendid 1960s ad is from Hairfinder.


Jenn Thorson said...

They will certainly Roux it, er rue it, if it makes their hair break off. Doesn't that look like one seriously STIFF hair do? A good wind could break her bangs clear off. :)

Me-Me King said...

My mother used the Roux rinse while she was a platinum blonde in the 60's. I remember trying it out one time and it turned my naturally blonde hair purple. Thank goodness it washed right out.

Lidian said...

Jenn - That's why she ain't going out any time soon.

Me-Me - I had purple highlights once in the 80s, but it was supposed to be. And it washed out, like yours. Thank goodness. It wasn't Roux though. I was scared of that Fanci-Full stuff, because who knew what it was full of, not me!

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Hairball said...

When I was going through my blonde phase in high school, I bought some of the black Roux rinse and the red Roux rinse to color the last few inches of my hair. I was hoping I'd look like Terri Nunn. LOL

Cookie Brochette said...

Mmmmm, everyone likes a nice roux!

BTW, that lady's eyebrows are little frightening! :-/

You are cordially invited to a tea party at ...Lightbulb Cuisine. Real food from an Easy Bake Oven.

Lidian said...

Hairball - How did that work out?

Cookie - Yes, I am frightened also.

Erica said...

Considering a roux is cooked butter and flour, I wouldn't really want to buy it :)

Margo said...

I don't remember roux. But I do still use bottom shelf staple for probably thirty years: "PSSSSSST"... it's a dry shampoo and i think it is named for that aerosol sound it makes. It's still in the same can with the same name and is great for squeezing in a extra day between shampoos.

Hairball said...

Hairball - How did that work out?Okay but not great. I seem to remember that I had trouble keeping the black part black as it would easily fade to dark grey. If any of you decide to try something like this on light hair, expect that it will likely stain your hair and not wash completely out, okay?

All I can remember about the red, was this girl coming up to me at school and asking me if I knew that the bottom of my hair was burned. I was not amused!

Soon afterwards, I moved on to being a brunette and then I dyed it auburn.

Judy said...

I used Clairol to color my hair in the 60's and used the Fanci-Full rinse to keep it looking fresh until the next "dye job". I was bleaching my hair and when it was wet, it looked and felt like overcooked spaghetti. It would STRETCH nearly two inches. Oh, what we women did to look gorgeous!

Bill said...

This stuff has it all.
Double brightness on the electric bill; your hair lights up the room.
Double concentration ...think deep thoughts.
More lightening (see above)
Easier application ...Creole cooking becomes a breeze.
Finer results ...but is it finer than frogs' hair? No matter. The important thing is that YOU can do it. No wonder she looks so smug.

Lidian said...

Erica - That's just what I was thinking!

Margo - I love the name of that shampoo.

Hairball - Sound like how my purple highlights worked out - not great. Also I once put gold sparkles in my hair, and they went all over everything else too, they stuck to my clothes more than my hair.

Judy - Oh yes, that's true. There's a whole category right there - Retro Beauty Nightmares. Like Ramsay, only retro. And not in the kitchen (although with this Roux stuff, who knows?)

Bill - They should have had you write the ad cope! You make it sound quite good! :)

Lidian said...

Ad copy, not cope. Sorry!