Friday, June 5, 2009

Assorted Nutty Signku

In Newark they know
That this is just what I need:
Assorted Nutty Signs.

Welcome to Friday:
The week's detritus requires
Some sort of labels.

Why not nutty ones?
The Krazy kooky papers
Piled in a corner

Network with the mail:
They could all use a label.
"Gone Fishing," perhaps?

That ersatz Bunny
However, does not belong
On my car windshield.

Nor will monster's head
Dress up any bike of mine:
Too flashy by far.

Is this what one sees
Travelling around Newark?
A world of signage

Both Nutty and Krazy?
Flashy colorful decals,
A paper circus.

There, I'd mark my door
"Last Exit Before Turnpike"
The sink: "No Dumping."

The Panic Button?
That goes on the fridge, because
Just like Celine Dion's heart

Dinner must go on.


Eric said...

Yep, the Playboy logo on my toolbox. That's what I need.

Me-Me King said...

I wish I could have the 50 bike decals, I'd dress up my fenders and then ride like the wind.

Tori Lennox said...

I'd like to see the other 347 decals before I make a decision on purchasing this product.

Lidian said...

Eric - Not only that, but a FAKE Playboy logo. How can anyone resist this?

Me-Me - I wonder if they are all the dog and the monster, or all different? And I totally want to see your bike with all those decals on it! :)

Tori - Yes, I think that that would be a nice idea.