Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Birdbrain

It's a brilliant new season for clothing, all right.

You can look Radiant In Red. Your Greens will be Becoming. You will look your Best in Blue. And of course you will wear Browns Smartly. Because you have Elizabeth Arden foundation all over your face.

"Elizabeth has been working with all the important new colors," you see. Red, green, blue and brown - all new! Even though it sounds like Elizabeth's working with a little box of Crayolas, the kind where there are only about 8 in the package.

Next season she might get to Black, White, Yellow, Orange and Purple! That ought to be interesting.

But no matter how marvelous and new the colors are - and how fantabulous the makeup - brilliance is not imparted to the fashion model we see before us.

Because apparently she doesn't notice that there's a large white bird perched on her forehead.

Advertisement from 1936, from Ad Access.


~~louise~~ said...

Thanks for the chuckle Lidian, I needed that! Now, the hat, well, it may have been perfect for Derby Day considering the name of the horse that WON!!! "Mine That Bird"BTW, I'm having a free cook book give-away at my blog tomorrow (4th) Stop by if you get a chance. It's a GREAT cookbook peppered with history.

Kris said...

Elizabeth Arden owned a home here in my town of Summerville, SC. It's a beautiful home just a couple of blocks from me.
Here's an article on EA I thought you may find interesting. It also shows the EA home.

Oh, and does that bird actually have eyes on it!?!

Tori Lennox said...

This picture just leaves me dumbfounded. LOL!

Harriet said...

My father worked for EA (in the offices, not the salon) in NYC for many years. They had many of the old ads framed on the walls of their offices, which I loved to look at when I was a little girl. Many of them involved crazy hats. There was also a good one for face cream that involved Arden draped over some of her favorite horses that I thought was hilarious.

Ghosting Miranda said...

the out fit isn't bad but I am afraid the bird would have to go.

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

I sooo needed a good laugh (been grading teaching portfolios and feeling depressed about whether some of my students heard ANYTHING I said to them all year...).

Did you happen to see The Ghost Whisperer the other night? I swear Jennifer Love Hewitt was wearing bird feathers on the side of her head. I think it was supposed to be a fancy barrette, but it just looked silly. I commend her for being willing to take risks but SOMEONE should have told her/costume/hair that it just wasn't working.

Judy said...

Omigosh...that's my mother's hat! What's this woman doing with it. I loved that hat. I once told my Mom that I wanted to put it in the parakeet's cage to keep him company. But, alas, she wouldn't hear of it!

Lidian said...

louise - I will definitely stop by! :)

Kris - Thanks for the link! And yeah...I think there are eyes. Ugh.

Tori - I couldn't either.

Harriet - I hope Ad Access has that horse ad, that sounds like a good one.

Ghosting Miranda - Yes, the bird absolutely must go!

Dr. Julie-Ann - Alas, I am so far out of the current TV-shows loop it is not a bit funny. So I did not...but I do remember marking essays and assignments and - a good laugh can help a little! :) I don't think anyone listened to me either.

Judy - LOL! I wonder what the parakeet would have thought if she had!

Bill said...

Well, this explains all the black & white photos in the early 1900's album I inherited from my grandmother. The basic colors didn't exist until 1936. Who knew?

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Rochelle R. said...

That hat is the silliest thing I have seen in a long while. Thanks for the laugh.

Lidian said...

Bill - We need to rewrite photographic and fashion history, I think.

mycoj - Thanks! Ad Access is full of wonders.

Rochelle - It really made me laugh, too! :)

Hairball said...

I really hope that bird 'did his business' before hopping on her head. Otherwise, she's about to have a new accessory for that outfit.

Lidian said...

Hairall - LOL, I was thinking the same thing!

EddieGarcia said...

I think the women of that era had class even with a bird perched on their forehead. It wouldn't hurt for us to turn the clocks back when it comes to women's fashions.

Lidian said...

Eddie - Well, maybe with the exception of things like wearing birds as hats! :)