Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey Mindy!

Hey, Mindy you're so fine
Heading that receiving line
Hey Mindy!
You've got zits but we don't mind,
Hey Mindy!

This is a little story about - well, Mindy, who looks like Veronica's slightly retro-goth cousin. She is having a Tea Dance for her eighteenth birthday. Her dad explains that this has to happen so that people know Mindy "is eligible for invitations."

Um, OK. What sort of invitations are we talking about? You can see that Mindy looks a little skeptical. Still, it's fine with her. She even suggests that they advertise.

That's a fine way for a fancy debutante to behave. Pimples are the least of this family's problems.

Speaking of which - isn't it a little strange that Mindy does not complain of pimples, nor does she ever seem to have any. Furthermore, she doesn't advocate the use of, or be aware in the slightest degree, of Poslam Ointment (which contains "all 9 ingredients," whatever that means) or Poslam Soap (you're supposed to buy their soap, too).

Also puzzling: Who is shouting out the title of the ad? Her boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks? Archie Andrews? The jealous mean girls from school? A tube of Poslam Ointment?

Meanwhile, Mindy is standing around at the Tea Dance "in typical debutante fashion shaking hands with friends and acknowledging introductions to strangers." Whoa there! Just how many strangers did her parents invite? Or maybe they are party crashers! In which case why is she acknowledging them? She ought to be checking their jacket pockets and counting the sterling silver teaspoons.

Why would every single person give her a bouquet? That's going to get old pretty quickly. She ought to have asked for a few other things. Maybe a transistor radio or some candy. Or some more silver teaspoons.

And if I was Mindy I wouldn't like people all making a "complimentary remark pertaining to [my] gown." Talk to the face, not the dress! Gee, maybe she really does have pimples after all. Mindy ought to check in that mountain of bouquets and see if anyone stuck a gift-wrapped tube of Poslam in any of them.

A thousand thanks to Comic Book Ads for this dramatic little story.


Tori Lennox said...


It's quite clear that the boyfriend is from the other side of the tracks by his use of the phrase "ain'tcha". Her parents probably want to announce her eligibility for invitations from more suitable suitors. In other words, Mindy's on the marriage market.

Hairball said...

Boy, you don't see ads anymore that speak of the "four hundred" !

Now, I've got this song in my head!

Bill said...

Poslam's is "wonderfully medicated," according to the ad.
I think Mother got wonderfully medicated before the guests arrived. Probably because, unless they were on TV shows, 1950's moms looked like grandmothers.

Maria said...

I love it - "Talk to the face not the dress"! This is quite ad. I never view todays and commercials the same after reading your site!

Lidian said...

Tori - Poor Mindy! I think you're right.

Hairball - You and me both! Sorry about that, hope it is not driving you crazy...

Bill - They really knew how to write a subtext into an ad back then, didn't they?

Maria - That whole site is full of wonderful ads!

Dee said...

If you want to see something scary, check out the full ad in the link. It features the end of a story, where a sales girl who looks an awful lot like a younger version of Mindy's mother, receives a blouse as a gift from a stranger and a note to meet him later--wearing the blouse. The last panel says that she also wore the blouse on her honeymoon, because he wanted it that way. What it doesn't say, is the part where her dead body shows up in the river.

Lidian said...

Dee - I saw that, it was really strange! I thought it was the prelude to the Mindy ad at first. I would like to see the rest of that story. I was thinking what you were, that there's a sinister ending we don't hear about...