Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look Deep Into My Bow Tie's Eyes

So here's a colorful ad, as promised. We're revisiting that light-up bow tie that I wrote about awhile back, mainly because this is such a sensational image. This is one "swanky, smart, richly-patterned bow tie" that will help turn you into the Casanova of your social club.

I mean, just look at all those teensy lovesick ladies! They really are absolutely transfixed by an electric bow-tie. They are, in a word, wowed.

And that tie is at least four times bigger than their heads, for starters. And it appears to have yellow eyes like Maurice Sendak's Wild Things.

So now you've wowed the women - where are all your new friends? Oh, there they are, down at the bottom, frantic with excitement. They can hardly believe their good luck, meeting someone who owns a tie like this. Or rather, meeting a tie that owns someone like you.

Speaking of whom...This tie makes you look like a shadow of your former self - a tabula rasa of a guy, blank except for strange printing on your head, some of which protrudes from your forehead.

That bow tie has sucked all the energy out of you. What a laugh riot! And then the tie comes alive. It will indeed "surprise them all"! Look deep into its yellow eyes, and feel a great, somewhat confusing happiness wash over you.

This is from a 1947 Punch and Judy comic book and it was over at Wikimedia Commons.


M. Diane Rogers said...

And a magic lever in his pocket! Oh, my...
Great ad!
And only $1.98 & COD & postage. And, 'he' could even return it after the big party if it didn't work as he expected.

Tori Lennox said...

I'm glad to learn it's "ready made" too. I'd hate to have to put it together once I got it!

feefifoto said...

But does it spin like a propeller with the touch of a Concealed Magic Lever? That's what I want to know before investing nearly two dollars on this gadget.

GoRetroGirl said...

How do you find these ads? This one's hilarious.

Yes, gentlemen, this is the secret thing that all women want in a man - a flashing bow tie.

The Exaggerator said...

I believe a certain Stewie Griffin (per Family Guy) was able to procure something similar @ Jack's Joke Shop, off I-495 just over the RI-MA state line in South Attleboro (motto: "If it ain't funny, it ain't Jack!")

GoRetroGirl said...

File this one under the new Billy Idol song - "Ties Without a Face."

Bill said...

What a great ad!

The enraptured women are priceless. I cannot help but think that they are more excited by the lever in his pocket than the bow tie, though.

Tabula rasa gave me a big chuckle.

Hairball said...

Those "wowed" women scare the holy crap outta me.

Lidian said...

M. Diane - Mae West would be saying, "Is that a Magic Lever in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Tori - Oh, absolutely.

feefifoto - I'll bet it does, you know.

The Exaggerator - I like that slogan.

GoRetroGirl - Oh, that would have been the perfect title for this! :)

Bill - I really love this ad and the women are totally great!

Hairball - They really are freaky!

Amanda said...

I have to say that Bow Tie scares the hell out of me! If I saw some guy coming over with a possessed tie, I would run about a mile in the opposite direction. How desperate do you have to be to come up with something like that? And if you do need something like a Bow-Lite Tie, you better believe that there is no "Magic Lever" in this guy's pocket.

Lidian said...

Amanda - Yeah, this ad definitely has a scarier vibe than the first one I wrote about. I find myself being really attracted to the retro ads with sinister undertones - very Shirley Jackson or Stephen King, the potentially dark side of the ordinary, and all that. Not that that tie is anything ordinary, though!

Relax Max said...

I don't know. I like the ad and I liked the first ad about this tie too. But I still have the same lingering doubts about everyone thinking I was cool when they saw it. Instead, I have visions of people mumbling under their breath, "What a dork." But I am a pretty negative person.

I also admire this company for thinking of extra sales by including the reminder, "Order several for gifts to your friends." Like if I wore something like this I would have any friends.

Lidian said...

Max - I am sure that you'd have friends, but they might not all want one of these.