Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New and Annoying Hobby

Take a gander at this lamp, honey!

It's lovely, darling. I...what exactly am I supposed to be noticing?

Well, gosh, honey, I just fixed this lamp with Kester Cored, that's all. Thought you'd be a little more excited. Supportive.

What's Kester Cord, darling? Is it string?

Kester Cored, with an 'e.' It's...like glue. I think. Fixing this here lamp makes feel like a new man! Don't you think this is amazing?

Yes, darling. It's lovely. Now please - put it down. I don't want it right up in my face.You're scaring me with that thing.

Aw, come on, take it! Look at the wiring. And the lampshade. It's the one I was wearing last New Year's Eve, remember?

Well, it's just that I need a little space, darling. I'm wearing high heels and I'm a few seconds away from falling on my keister.

Why, ha ha, that's exactly what happened to the lamp! Lucky for you we have Kester Cored, dear.

[Here comes the punchline, everybody duck!]

Or should I say, Keister Cored!


Me-Me King said...

This is hysterical! Loved how he fixed the lamp wearing a tie. You've made my day with this one.

Tori Lennox said...

And another fine product from Chicago!

Illinois isn't just the Land of Lincoln, it's the Land of Lame Ideas! (And wacky governors!)

Bill said...

Chicago does seem to emerge as the nation's epicenter of innovation & ingenuity in the ads you find.

I think the wife should step back several paces, perhaps even outside to the porch. Husband might turn her leg into a lamp, like the major award in A Christmas Story. He looks like he's on a roll now that he's got the hang of it.

Tiggy said...

Aren't men clever!

Frogs in my formula said...

Her body language doesn't exactly say "It's lovely darling" now does it?

Lidian said...

Me-Me - Thank you, I am so glad! :) And finding a 1971 Millie the Model comic book made my day - I just scanned a bunch of ads from Millie that are really good.

Tori - Oh my goodness, I didn't even see that! I am really beginning to wonder about Chicago.

Bill - He does look like he is on a roll, which is rather alarming.

Frogs in my formula - That is exactly what drew me to this ad - the body language! :)

Lidian said...

Tiggy - Oh yes, aren't they just? And so pleased about it, too, lol

Hairball said...

That guy is just plain scary, and his wife should get as far away from him as possible!

Lidian said...

Hairball - Definitely! And she should lock up all the repair materials, too. And the appliances.

Eric said...

Damn, I love to do me some soldering... really


Lidian said...

Eric - But I'm sure you don't knock people over with the finished product or anything! :)