Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strange Roads

If I'm going to be going down some strange roads - I definitely want to be my own boss. That goes without saying!

And naturally, I would like to have one of these Cabin Cars in my wake, when I do. They look really cool, actually. Though I am not sure that they have as much space in them as this ad would like to suggest.

"Plenty of room for cooking, eating, lounging" - Um, what? I see the girl lounging (or posing) in there all right. But cooking? Only if you define cooking as "opening that box of Ritz crackers we brought and aiming a can of Cheez Whiz at some of them."

"Clothes and utility storage galore." Oh, right. That little night table with drawers thingie to the right of the girl? Which holds a few pairs of socks and a flashlight? I don't think so!

And how soft IS that "soft double bed"? Marshmallows and Wonder Bread should be soft, but you don't want to sleep on a mattress made out of them.

One more thing. If this Cabin Car is really that light, how safe is it to be careening up hills as it wobbles behind your Buick? If you truly are going to have "the best fun of your life" you need something a little more substantial than a big sardine tin turned sideways. Especially once you head down a really strange road.

Advertisement from Holiday, July 1947.


Pearl said...

It's probably dangerous as hell, but I kinda want one now!

Tori Lennox said...

That's actually a pretty spiffy little travel trailer. It's cute! Not that I'd want to LIVE in one, mind you. But I saw a thing on the Travel Channel awhile back about these kinds of travel trailers and they're apparently quite collectible now.

Stephanie M said...

you have a great blog - I LOVE the retro- homemaker theme!

Me-Me King said...

I simply love these tear drop trailers, they are sooooo cool!

Bill said...

I saw an aluminum teardrop trailer just a few weeks ago in a neighborhood of bungalows. Cute!

Lidian said...

Pearl - Me too! There are some other things in that Holiday magazine that I think you'd like, too. I'll be posting some more of them down the road (as it were).

Tori - I wish I'd seen that, I'd love to see one of these for real.

Stephanie - Thank you! :) It is totally fun to write, too.

Me-Me - They are cool, and the silver-bullet ones are too. Or whatever they are know the kind I mean, right? Airstream?

Bill - Very cute indeed, I always think of that movie "The Long Trailer" with Lucy and Desi, when I think of these things.

Lin said...

I wanna drive strange roads!!! Sign me up!

David said...

As charming as those are, my heart goes to the small vintage Airstream campers.


Hairball said...

Lidian, you beat me to The Long, Long Trailer reference. That scene where she's cooking in the trailer while going down the road is hilarious!

Lidian said...

Lin - So do I, that was what really drew me to the Cabin Car.

David - They are really charming, I agree. I think there are some more ads in Holiday for them, too.

Hairball - I should have put up a clip of that!

Relax Max said...

Cute. And much larger than it looks. The ad didn't mention the wine cellar so it was indeed the light model. But I am pretty sure there were other models. One was amphibian, was it not? Did you see any ads in Holiday for that model? Perhaps I am thinking of another brand.

Other little-known trivia was that these were recycled from slices of WWII bomber wings. I think I read that somewhere. Perhaps in one of your earlier posts.

Lidian said...

Max - I didn't know about the recycling, so cannot take any credit for it at all. Sadly. I will look aroynd in Holiday and see what I can find. A lot of the ads are so gigantic they don't fit in my wee little scanner - it was an oversized magazine. Too bad, because a lot of the bigger ads are in Technicolor and really funny.

Shay said...

I never bid on one, but there was a vendor on eBay who sold the plans to make these teardrop-shaped campers. I was tempted!

Lidian said...

Shay - I would have been too! They sound really cool.