Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talon Scouts

Where to begin?

There is so much going on in this trouser-fastener ad. And right there we're already in trouble, talking about trouser-fasteners.

1. To whom do we attribute that eloquent come-on "How about it, Mister?" The unseen advertising narrator? The guy on the left, perhaps, who seems to be checking out the guy in the middle? The spooky girl? The dog? The unseen hamburger guy?

2. Probably not the girl on the right, she is really not impressed. Why is she just standing there, not moving?

3. And what about the Scotty dog? Maybe he just needs a walk. How about it, Mister? Grab that poop bag and let's go! Oh, I'll bet that's it.

4. The Talon fastener people want to know if you are going to "take chances with trouser fasteners you can't count on" - um, that is really not their business, is it? I mean, what kind of question IS that?

5. And what kind of a name is Talon? Are the fasteners made from eagles' claws?

6. And the feather in the middle guy's hat? That's no good. Not outside of Sherwood Forest, please.

7. The girl is the really strange part of this, though. She looks like a zombie right around the eyes. Maybe this is going to turn into a horror movie. Those guys do not look all that brainy, and they might end up following her into some netherworld of darkness where even the best trouser fastener cannot save you.

This 1930s-40s ad is from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.


Tori Lennox said...

The girl is obviously frozen in horror and/or shock.

No clue about the Scottie dog.

The dude in the middle has just returned from a trip to the Tyrolean Alps.

The guy on the far left is shoplifting. The dog may be his accomplice.

Bill said...

Tori always has entertaining comments.

Is that really a feather in Middle Man's hat, or is it a stogie?

I'd like to know how Hamburger Guy keeps that display glass so sparkly-clean when he's frying hamburgers an inch away. That takes some talent.

Lidian said...

Tori - I agree with Bill, your comments always add a wonderful je- ne-sais-quoi to things...and I agree with it all! :)

Bill - I always look forward to your comments, too. I sure hope that is not a stogie in his hat. And that's a good point about the glass - this is clearly some sort of strange planet where there's no grease.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

The really funny thing is...with all that is going on in that ad, I still don't understand how that fasteners actually work.

Lidian said...

Alicia - Me neither. No idea at all.

Phyl said...

From the look of the guy with the feather in his hat, the Talons fasten the trousers around about the area of his solar plexus. He's starting the old man's "trousers up at the breastbone" fashion way early, I tell you what.

And you're right. The guy on the left is definitely checking him out. The feather must be some kind of code.

Lidian said...

Phyl - Those are what we call Fred Mertz Pants around here, having watched too many I Love Lucys.

Phyl said...

Hahahahaha! That's perfect.