Friday, May 22, 2009

Toys That Talk Back

I really, really do not like noisy toys. And they do not like me.

For example, many years ago a Talking Elmo made its devious way into our house. I demanded that it have a voiceboxectomy immediately, and as soon as the novelty wore off, Elmo moved into a little studio apartment known as the back of the hall closet.* There's enough ambient noise to go around in regular family life without the toys getting in on it.

So this little ad from 1960 caught my eye the way an annoying bit of fluff on the carpet might. Or a spilled bottle of Elmer''s Glue (suspiciously close to sounding like Elmo's Glue - I wouldn't put it past him, either).

It is not clear how long the giant loudmouth blocks would last, being squeezed regularly, seeing that they are made of cardboard.

That's probably just as well. Because they don't just talk, they talk back:

MEOW! You can't make me!
SQUEAK! Yeah, says who?
BARK! I don't have to listen to you!

Even Elmo wouldn't go that far. I think.

*He moved out some time ago and we've lost touch. I trust he's doing all right. We stuck his voice box back in before he headed out, just in case it was wanted.


Tori Lennox said...

I think these would a lot more fun if the duck meowed, the kitten quacked, the dog squeaked and the monkey barked. But that's just me.

Lidian said...

Tori - I think that that would definitely boost the fun quotient here! :)

Laura said...

Those remind me of the round ones that had the metal holes in the top. You would tip them up side down then back up and they would make an animal noise. I think they must have drove my mom crazy because they always ended up missing somehow. Hmmm...maybe they went to a nice studio apartment.

Stephanie M said...

I love this post - and the closet being a studio apt! :) Amen. My husband and I always get my brother's kids toys that make noise just to try to push him over the edge. Its great fun.

Bill said...

This reminds me of a friend's visit to a Toys-R-Us store when Elmo was popular. It was close to Christmas, and nearly midnight. A frazzled store clerk stomped over to a display Elmo, plugged his plug, and said "I've been waiting to do that all f%ck*ng night."

Kris said...

I don't like noisy toys either - but these actually look pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

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Lidian said...

Laura - They might be sharing a place with Elmo!

Stephanie M - That does sound like fun, lol! I should have added that Elmo was a present from someone, otherwise he would have stayed at the store.

Bill - That anecdote made my day! :) That's what I was thinking to myself!

Kris - The pictures on them are cute in a retro way, I think.

blogangel - Thanks, I'll stop by for sure.

Hairball said...

I don't blame you a bit for silencing Elmo.

Years ago, we visited someone who had just bought a talking Elmo for one of their children. I knew right then and there, that if I heard that multiple times a day, I would go completely bonkers in a week.

Lidian said...

Hairball - Oh yeah, it only took a few words from Elmo for me to demand thathis voice box be removed!