Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your Dog Knows Best

Actually, I think they should ask the dog. He is really cute and he looks like he knows a thing or two.

That little girl is asking his advice for sure. And it looks like the dog is telling her, too:

"Frankly, I would advise against nose drops, they look icky. But howsabout a nice chew toy, or a bone! That makes me feel really good!"

And as far as dosing your cold goes - mother dear is going right ahead, doctor's advice or not. She looks very mellow too, does she not?

Also: if she is checking the little girl for a cold in the first picture, why is she the one taking the Vicks?

I think the dog really needs to step in here and sort things out.

From Wikimedia Commons.


Tori Lennox said...

I think the dog is contemplating mayhem against the kid's mother. Must stop those nasty drops at all costs!

Nooter said...

"...the dog really needs to step in here and sort things out."

couldnt agree more. the best thing for fixing colds is to lay in front of the fireplace i say.

Judy said...

I think the dog is aware of the dangers of Vicks. Never tried the nose drops, but when daughter was 6 months old, had bad chest cold, called dr. he suggested rubbing Vicks on her chest before bed. Did that...she woke up screaming a couple of hours later. Vicks had BURNED her chest! Called dr. told him, he calmly said to wash it off with cool water. He may have been, not so much!

Amy said...

oh my! My mother use to use vicks vaporub when I was little, we still use it today, it's good stuff.

Hairball said...

The mom in the ad looks enthralled with her nose drops! Did she spike them or something??

Bill said...

Um, I don't think those nose drops that Mom is snorting are really Vicks. Nice cover, though.

Lidian said...

Tori - The dog is doing some deep thinking, yes.

Nooter - Or in a comfortable chair!:)

Judy - Oh no, how awful! We've used Vicks but never had that happen.

Amy - It is pretty good. We get a lemon-mint Vicks rub that is nice.
Also I like their cough drops.

Hairball - I know, she looks SO pleased. I never look that way when i have a cold.

Bill - A very nice cover, indeed. Though i have a feeling the dog ain't buying it.