Sunday, June 14, 2009

500 Sample Suits

Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for this incredible offer, as per Popular Science of February 1951. I realize that I am answering your ad rather late, but I only just saw it over at Google Books.

Let's get this straight. You envision 500 guys walking around in sample suits that, since they are samples, will fit in varying degrees ranging from Maybe OK to Completely Ridiculous.*

These ill-tailored, ill-fitting suits (witness Sample Guy at right, whose happiness is inversely proportional to the fit) will inspire men all over the US to place orders for same.

And all your agents have to do is walk around looking like they just found a free parking space in midtown Manhattan.** Because men like going up to strangers and asking "Where did you get that suit? It really is sensationally well-fitted."

As you say, "My Plan is AMAZING!" Yes. Yes it is.

Your "BIG SAMPLE KIT" sounds amazing, too. It consists, I assume, of all the sample-suit bits you have gathered up off the factory floor.

I am delighted to note that you operated out of Chicago, center of retro oddball schemes - that makes perfect sense.

Sincerely yours, Lidian

* I notice that what you send in the mail is not a suit, but a Valuable Suit Coupon. I cannot imagine that you have tailors all over the US making your particular suits. So this makes no sense at all. Which is in keeping with the rest of the ad, I suppose.

**Or Chicago, more to the point.


Tori Lennox said...

Now, come on, Lidian. It MUST be amazing. It comes from CHICAGO!

Hairball said...

You know how you occasionally get free samples in the mail or when you buy another product? When I read the title, I imagined a man's suit covered with free samples like that and people running up to him and grabbing as many as they can.

If a fight breaks out, I hope he has some bandage samples for the injuries!

Amy said...

Like men are going to walk up to another man and ask about his suit, come on...they don't even ask for directions.

Eric said...

I've been looking for a nice vintage Chicago suit.

Lidian said...

Tori - Hurray for Chicago!

Hairball - That would definitely cause a stir as he walked down the street!

Amy - Oh, I know! lol

Eric - Maybe they are still in business...Actually, and I know this is totally the opposite chronologically, but I also have a 1930s ad for the same place. I may post it down the road. It is quite funny.

Bela said...

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