Monday, June 29, 2009

A Lion Is Forever

A man in silly oversized goggles and a karate uniform
    is my love, apparently.
Red in the face and all too sure of himself.
And now he's going to make me ride
On a motorcycle that spews
Orange clouds of exhaust which,
However groovy the graphic style
Still look bad for the air.

Also the wheels on his motorcycle
Have been cut in half
So we probably won't be emulating Easy Rider
Any time soon.
We are stuck here, as a matter of fact
Not far out at all.

But most of all
I keep thinking:
Why is there a huge wild animal
Hanging out in the sidecar?
And just because Orange Dude
Gave me a big old diamond
Does that mean I also promised
To travel around with a lion?

[From the University of Virginia American Studies digital collection (and thank you to them, of course), link here.]


Heather Cherry said...

Liddy, your eye for detail is unsurpassed.

Lidian said...

Heather - I couldn't resist this one, I mean, a lion in the back? How groovy is that?

I am working on Hot Dan BTW, NOT the way that sounds, ahem, but I want it to be really good. Which so far - it is not! :)

(Hey, look at me, answering comments so promptly! And on a Monday too...)

Stephanie B said...

OK, I'm at a complete loss how this graphic goes with that text?

Actually, I'm at a loss what that graphic has to do with anything or how it could sell anything.

But I find that's true of several of the items you've dug up.

Eric said...

lol @ hearing you say 'working on Hot Dan BTW'.

Maybe he proposed at the Disney World's Animal Kingdom?

Tori Lennox said...

What exactly was this ad peddling anyway?

Hairball said...

I think I probably need to be under the influence of something illegal to comprehend that ad!

Lidian said...

Stephanie - That's true! And I always find it entertaining!

Eric - Very likely. And yes, Hot Dan is a complicated guy. So I need to write carefully.

Tori - Diamonds, I think.

Hairball - It would probably help a lot.

GoRetroGirl said...

I love the vibrant colors and graphics in this poster, though. It's amazing to think these were created in the time before Adobe software.

Lidian said...

GoRetroGirl - I do too. I like to mix the brighter ads in amongst all the black and white ones.

Bill said...

Only guys who are touched in the head wear little caps with goggles like that. The girl should jump out and run away with the lion while there's still time to get away.

Lidian said...

Bill - She really ought to try and get away while he's trying to start that engine. So should the lion, as you say. Bad scene all around, man!

Marcheline said...

Um... either nobody noticed or they were just too polite to point out that orange goo dripping from just underneath Mr. Man.

Lion drool? Is the Harley leaking oil AGAIN? Or did Mr. Man just get a little overexcited about being his own man?