Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Quickie Vacation

"There's a brand new trend in travel...the 'Quickie Vacation' by Greyhound!"

In this Greyhound bus
There is plenty of leg room
And elbow room, too.

Housework won't alarm
This beatific fashion plate
Nor yet tie her down.

But such happiness
Never was found on a bus:
The subtext must be

That this is a dream
Trip in grey land with pink trees
And reality

Is her daydreaming,
Sitting on the crosstown bus
That's stuck in traffic:

Quickie vacation?
Only until she gets back home,
And ties it back on.

Ad from 1947, from Ad Access.


Tori Lennox said...

When I was a baby, my mom & I rode the bus from Missouri to California. I've never heard her sound so rapturous about the trip. Then again, I wouldn't want to ride the bus cross country with a baby either. *g*

Don said...

I used to ride the bus when I was in military school in the sixties. It had started to get rough (the people) then. I'd hate to ride it now. Jeez!!!

Eric said...

May I just say that I have *never* seen someone like that on a Greyhound Bus? She's not even drinking or smoking, and her clothes are so non-indigent. I declare shenanagins...

Lidian said...

Tori - I've never heard of anyone being that happy about a bus trip. I went to Buffalo once on the bus and that was more than enough (re both the bus, and Buffalo)

Don - Exactly, that's why I am sure this is all in her head.

Eric - I know they used to dress up to go on a plane, but yes - this is absurd!

Hairball said...

I think this lady would definitely think twice about taking a trip on a Greyhound bus today!

Lola said...

This lady wouldn't survive on a Greyhound bus now. In 1991 I rode Greyhound from Chicago to Milwaukee because I was picking up my new car in Milwaukee. 1 way ticket. Thank goodness! The stations were gross and the buses weren't much better. And the people that ride the bus, let's just say you wouldn't want to run into them out on the street.

redkathy said...

Last time I rode a greyhound was in 78 while visiting California. Immigration stopped the bus and made a sweep! Never been on one since.

bucket trucks said...

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Lidian said...

Hairball - She wouldn't last 30 seconds in the bus station today!

Lola - Yeah, I rode one one in about 1985, around the same time as you - and it was truly horrible.

redkathy - She wouldn't be so thrilled if that happened on this bus!

bucket trucks - Thanks! But you know, basic Blogger template plus a few bits in sidebar, can't take much credit there. I just need enough room for the images, so a lot of fancier templates don't work for me.

kathcom said...

If this woman's home and family life is so terrible that a bus ride makes her happy, then God bless her.

I remember riding the bus in the late Eighties and finding out the guy sitting next to me was on weekend furlough from prison.

He said guys got let out to see if they could be trusted. I asked "what if you can't?" or words to that effect. I don't remember if he answered me but I recall he shared his peach schnapps with me and I'm alive today,so he must have been trustworthy after all.

Lidian said...

kathcom - That is quite a story! I would have been too scared to ask him "what if you can't" but good for you! I would have totally been thinking it, though.

P.L. Frederick said...

I appreciate this ad's subtle S&M implications.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

Lidian said...

P.L. - I love a good subtext, too! :)

Marcheline said...

Let's just pass over the whole "tie me up" and "quickie" jokes for a moment. We can always come back to them. They'll still be there.

But seriously... this lady is so enamored with the smell of pee and vomit that raising kids just isn't enough. She just has to up the stakes a bit by riding a Greyhound bus.

At the next stop, she's getting off for a quick lick on the floor of Penn Station!