Monday, July 6, 2009

Be Fair To Your Hair

Darrin from Bewitched wants you to know that Samantha isn't the only one in the family with magical tricks on hand.

He's having fun, relaxing with his new Vitabrush, trying to wake up his scalp. From the look of that plastered-on hair, it's been unconscious for some time.

You see, Darrin's been letting his hair sleep in every morning. So now he's going to wake it up and tell it to go work out! That no-good lazy hair. It isn't just snoring, it's falling out. What a layabout. Let's blame his scalp for all that - it's lazy too. Doesn't get enough blood flow. It's flaking. And in keeping with his general persona, a little bit out of shape,too.

It certainly does look fun and relaxing holding the brush the wrong way, just grazing the top of your head. Darrin looks awfully pleased with himself. Samantha might have some fun making it disappear, or change into a toothbrush or something, though - once she finds out what he's been up to.

This fine product was made in Chicago; the ad is from Popular Science, April 1949.


Eric said...

Oohhh, I wonder if they sell a wire one for removing old paint?

ps - does it bother anyone that 'Hershey Mfg.' makes this?
Chocolate bar, check; foil wrapped Kisses, check; creepy electric brush???

Tori Lennox said...

Is it just me or does this seem more like it should be called the VIBRAbrush instead of VITAbrush? Where do the vitamins come into it?

Lidian said...

Eric - The Hershey thing bothered me too.

Tori - Yes, that would be a better name - they just didn't think this concept through very well.

Doctor Faustroll said...

This brings back fond memories of Harralambus Modestus who used to cut my hair at his place on Ditmars Blvd. back in the fifties until he had a heart attack during a razor cut and took off Charlie Campesi's left nostril.

He had this thing he put over his hand that vibrated his fingers in your scalp. My old man was convinced it was a commie plot get my hair growing faster so I had to go back more often.

I don't really believe Modestus was a commie, and in fact I think what my old man was thinking was commie was actually good old American planned obsolescence and capitalism.

But I have no way of confirming this since pulling the pulling on the old man a decade ago. He used to look just like that Vitabrush guy.

Daisy said...

Well, I would not want to be Unfair to my hair.

Grampy said...

I might be able to use it. I wonder if it would wake up my scalp.

Lidian said...

Doctor Faustroll - Was this in Queens by any chance (I think there is a Ditmars Blvd there, actually I know it now since I just looked in my Hagstrom's atlas)? I went to a party near there in the 70s, if it's the one in Queens. But no Vitabrush was involved, thankfully. I did have to smile a lot at old people though. Fun times!

Daisy - I like to fair to my hair too, otherwise it takes its revenge and gets frizzy. It does sometimes anyway.

Grampy - I think it would - this guy looks wide awake!

Amy said...

ouch! this looks more like something guaranteed to pull your hair out.

Lidian said...

Amy - It really does, and that would be so unfair!