Friday, July 3, 2009

House of Wax Paper

I laughed in my sleeve when persnicketty Tim raved about my cooking! He never dreamed he was eating leftovers...

I never waste anything
No leftover lingers:
My new kitchen blinds
Are last year's ladyfingers,

And the tiles were once canapes
That nobody ate
That's no reason to toss them:
On the wall they look great.

So day-old corned beef
Is no challenge for me
Though persnicketty Tim
Doesn't want to agree.

The heck with old Tim!
I will laugh in my sleeve
And that's tricky because
It's too short to receive

The guffaws I conceal -
Fun and games are for dinner:
At the leftovers game
I believe I'm the winner!

Chop stuff and add cream sauce,
Then dump it on toast
Tim will chow down with glee
On last week's supper's ghost!

I fool him each time
With my wax paper tricks!
He won't look in the fridge
At the packets I fix

Full of mystery meats
Topped with scribbled inscriptions;
Then I serve as brand new
What the ancient Egyptians

Would throw out at once,
As if to defy us;
But perhaps that's because
They had no wax papyrus.

Thank you to Janet at Found In Mom's Basement for this slightly unsettling 1947 ad for Cut-Rite wax paper. Doesn't she look devious?


David said...

Oh how creative - when she is not ironing her crinolines, she uses her irons as bookends.

Tori Lennox said...

Wow. She's quite the little recycler/repurposer, isn't she?

Eric said...

Is corned beef really ever all that fresh?

Lidian said...

David - She really is so creative!

Tori - She sure is. And so sneaky, too.

Eric - Never. The corning process assures of this.

Ron Eklof said...

Evening wear is a breeze
Of that I am certain
Oh, this old thing?
This dress was a curtain

Thanks for your spirit, Lidian

Lidian said...

Ron - And thank you for your wonderful poem! :)

Mad Men Girl said...

That poem had me spitting coffee all over my keyboard - HAHAHA! Good old Tim, just slap some cream sauce on it and he's good to go, huh? 8-) I think a lot of "retro ladies" used that trick. The only one I could never stomach was that one that used tunafish and served it hot... bleeccchhhh!


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Marcheline said...

By the way... I don't think those ladyfingers are kitchen blinds... they're cabinets! See the wee knobs? (No, the OTHER wee knobs!)